• Specials lessens every day

    Art and music classes are lessening and you cant explore new ideas. It is still instructional time. The teachers are still teaching them skills and techniques. Children cant think of new ideas unless they are on their own time. And some families cant offord them being able to put their ideas down. So vote yes for creativity in the classroom

  • Locked inside a classroom every day more than 3 hours.

    Everyday the kids gets tossed into the classroom and to sit quiet and obey. A lot of kids find it hard to focus and sit still which causes maybe fights. Or rebellious act against the teacher. When the teacher has enough they will just make you sit quiet and die of boredom. In addition school have these subjects. That you have to learn and die in.

  • Yes, for the most part schools kill creativity.

    It is especially true that creativity is killed in school children when it is an over crowded and poor situation. If there are many kids in one class room and only one teacher with no aides or help or good resources and art materials, it is likely the teacher is kept busy just managing behavior and trying to instill conformity and the basic subjects.

  • Schools Do Not Kill Creativity

    There is no reason to believe that schools kill creativity. Schools, in general, foster an understanding of multiple subjects and help people learn how to better express themselves. Schools also offer classes in the arts, as well as music. The ability to learn about different art forms and mediums is essential to becoming more creative.

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