Do sexual harassment laws need to be strengthened?

  • Yes, sexual harassment laws should absolutely be strengthened.

    In today's society, women can get away with sexually harassing men but men can not get away with sexually harassing women. If a woman grabs a man's butt, she's just "being flirty" but if a man grabs a woman's butt, he's automatically a pervert. This is a double standard and it's absolutely NOT okay at all. The government needs to make it so that men who get sexually harassed also get the same help and support that women receive for getting sexually harassed.

  • Yes, sexual harresment laws need to be changed.

    It is true. We see lots of sex on TV. Men become more violent. Go to Walmart and see how many young girls are pregnant. If we make laws more strong, there will be no pregnant teenagers. Even though women are abusive, but they cannot be raped or pregnant without "super" men that think about themselves as smart ones.

  • Sexual Harrassment is a serious offense

    I believe that people should be able to carry on in their lives without the threat of feeling violated and shamed. Most of the laws out there make you show a pattern of offensive behavior in order to process a complaint or case and I don't think there should be any leway. Everybody knows it's not okay so why should you been given multiple chances?

  • Yes, sexual harresment laws need to be changed.

    With the increase in sexuality being shown in popular culture, people are becoming more sexual and they are doing it more frequently. I believe that people should pay more attention to their actions, and people should take sexually violent acts more seriously. I know that rape laws need to be strengthened and looked over to see how they can correctly convict rapists.

  • Embrace it instead.

    The only reason sexual harassment is a problem is because we dont expect it. It becomes awkward when someone grabs the butt or start talking dirty because that is totally creepy, weird and awkward. If we would expect it coming, we would get used to it. But then again, what happens when it becomes to common? No worries if you are not sexually harassed. Then you can just sexually harass others.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe sexual harassment laws need to be strengthened. I think doing so would cause a plethora of problems, especially for the male sex. Some women already abuse the idea of sexual harassment to get their way or inflict revenge. I think it is unwise to further empower these people.

  • No, sexual harassment laws do not need to be strengthened.

    The sexual harassment laws in place are sufficient. The problem that exists is in the stigma that is applied to people who claim sexual harassment, or in the retaliation they may receive from their coworkers. It is incumbent upon the individual workplaces to make themselves the sort of place that sexual harassers are pariahs, and not the recipients of harassment.

  • No they do not.

    They are already way to strong. There is too much protection for sexual harassment. The things that people get into trouble for are ridiculous. Things were never this way generations ago. The people have gotten too fickle and made too many excuses. They need to focus on keeping their jobs.

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