Do sexual harassment laws place undue restrictions on the workplace?

  • Yes, in some cases I believe that sexual harrassment laws can make the work place more uncomfortable.

    Many people spend more time at work than anywhere else and their professional and social networks may be closely linked. It is increasingly common for colleagues to start relationships or have close friendships that lead them to interact in more casual and comfortable ways that could violate sexual harrassment policies. These policies should focus on protecting people but not in a way that also takes away from an enjoyable work environment.

  • Yes, they can

    I think they have their place,but it seems like you can't do anything today and get a positive view on it. If the workplace would just relax it would do all of us a favor and help us relax. It's hard enough going to work thinking about doing a good job, its another to have to deal with this stuff.

  • It is basic civility.

    No, sexual harassment laws do not place undue restrictions on the workplace, because they do not ban anything that people should not be doing anyways. Sexual harassment laws prevent people from talking about inappropriate things at work. This is only fair and reasonable. It makes the workplace a better place for everyone involved.

  • No, sexual harassment laws are designed to protect employees

    No, sexual harassment laws don't place undue restrictions on the workplace because they were designed to protect employees. There is no place for discrimination of any kind, and sexual harassment leads to a hostile work environment. In order to protect the rights of all employees, sexual harassment laws should be strictly enforced.

  • They are fair

    Sexual harassment and other sexual deviancy laws can go too far, and often burden people more than restore justice or punish criminals. At the same time, the work place is an important place to protect peopl ein, and it is appropriate that their are far reaching laws protecting people in several ways.

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