Do 'shame and blame' work to change teen behavior?

  • Yes, teenagers are still impressionable.

    Yes, shame and blame work to change teenage behavior, because teenagers are still highly impressionable, and they are still interested in what adults have to say. Verbal affirmation or criticism are still the most important things that teenagers depend on, and the opinion of an adult can still have a big effect on a teenager.

  • Yes, Shame and Blame do Work to Change Teen Behavior.

    It has been shown that shaming an individual is very effective at controlling bad or undesirable behavior. One such example is the effect shaming has had on smoking. The campaign to embarrass and shame smokers has forced thousands to quit. And as a result smoking has gone out of the mainstream and seen in our culture as social pariahs. This shame and blame helped curtail smoking and it will help change teen behavior.

  • Negativity is directly rejected.

    Teens, such as me for example, hate negativity. Criticizing us all the time doesn't help us improve and correct our mistakes. Instead, we decide to rebel and do whatever we want. In addition, blaming someone all the time doesn't encourage them to do better. In fact, it does the complete opposite. The teen becomes more depressed from all the shaming and doesn't make the right decisions.

  • Teens want to do their own thing.

    Usually, teens will not care if you shame them, instead, you have to make them fix what it is that they did wrong. If they didn't fix it, they wouldn't know they did something wrong. They will only do what is right if you teach them what is right, and what is wrong at a age of 5 years old.

  • They don't work, because If it did, teens would be acting a lot better.

    Teens are always acting up, then they just don't care about what they've done. Some people say that It works, But it usually doesn't work on very many. The only way to make then stop acting up, is to make them be responsible when they are still very young. The best time is when they turn 5 years old.

  • Children can't be trusted these day!

    These days teenagers are really egoistic and aggressive , if we want to improve their behavior parents can always punish or pin point their mistake personally , because the child no more feels embarrassed and ashamed publicly. This should be done as currently teens end up doing dangerous stunts !

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  • Shame causes distress & alienation

    Teenagers feel shame anyway so being shamed increases alienation at a time when they are inclined to explore beyond their familiar environment. Inclusiveness is what adults should encourage by reinforcing acceptable behaviours not shaming negative behaviours. What adults are in a position to judge? Teenagers see how we are, not hear what we say & they see hypocrisy.

  • No shaming your children does not help to change their behavior

    Whether your children are teenagers or toddlers shaming them does not help to change their behavior at all. If you shame them from a young age it could actually make them submissive in the future and cause them to not have a back bone. It might make them stop doing something for the time being but it will not stop them forever

  • Even if it would it teaches the wrong lesson

    It teaches that if everyone is hating on you for something that you should give in and submit. All those times in Hitler's Germany where people would say "shame on you for even suggesting such a thing about the Fuhrer" certainly took their tole. We shouldn't teach people to be socially submissive. People should be societally critical and pay attention to what's going on in the world and question the way things are.
    The way to teach teenagers is with facts. Sure they might not always listen as teenagers but those who would listen will be hurt or at least highly confused if you use any other method and those are the ones who are truly intelligent and deserve success in the world. And then most will listen at least somewhat by adulthood.

  • It will not change a teen's behavior.

    Teens have not yet developed a sense of the world beyond themselves. They would not see why it matters if people know what they did wrong because the world still revolves around them. They would not feel the shame an adult would, so it would be totally ineffective to do this.

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