• Sports Definitely Keep Teenagers Occupied

    I definitely think sports keep teenagers out of trouble. When I was young, I got into so much trouble because I was just bored.. Had nothing to do, so why not cause a little trouble?
    Once I was placed into sports (basketball, cheerleading, softball) I didn't have the time to run around and create problems, I was busy with school and sports. Although, I must say sports didn't completely get me out of trouble. But they definitely did help! PRO SPORTS!

  • Keeping teenagers out of trouble

    Sports keeps teenagers out of trouble. They will be at practice more then they will be out on the streets getting in trouble. If they get in trouble they wont be able to play so they try their best to stay out of trouble. Sports teaches trust and leadership. They will meet the right kind of friends that will help them make good choices.

  • Sports keep kids out of trouble.

    Kids have to follow school rules to be able to participate in sports. Also most schools have a grade average that students have to get to be able to play. Parents may take kids out of sports because of there grades. Finally kids are busy with sports they don't have time to get themselves into trouble.

  • Am a teen and am in a sport

    I believe as a teen sports do keep you out of trouble. Why you ask??? Once i was in freshmen i really didn't care and i use to got in trouble a lot but once i got into sophmore year i got in basketball. Once i made the jv team my coach told the team that we don't need to have bad grades or we won't play. Also we couldn't get in trouble because we will get consequences. So on that moment and on I through that I had to stop fooling around because I want to play. So unit that day and now am still in basketball and it keeps me out trouble and a lot of forces into school.

  • Sports do keep teens out of trouble

    When they are in a sports they are to occupied to get into any kind of trouble. They will have to run the gautlit (run back and forth around the field or court) if they get a bad reports sent to the coach! They dont want to do tha its painful!!!!!

  • Sports demand good behavior

    If you were to act out or break your sports contract. You lose any chance you had at scholar ship for any sports, because recruiters will see your record and automatically think "wow this person is a bad person" so any one that thinks it encourages bad behavior let me know and I will explain it more thoroughly for you,

  • Sports are great for teens

    Although many Hollywood movies and television shows portray students that participate in athletics as the jocks and bullies of the school, truth is many athletes are also victims of bullying. The bullies are not just the athletes, but also the sensitive ones that have self esteem issues or troubles at home. Many athletes just want to succeed academically, go to practice, and succeed in the sport in which they play. Some may receive scholarships to play a sport in a college level, but that does not mean that they did not earn it. Many sports scholarships require that a student has a high enough GPA to be able to attend college. The "jocks" are not the only students who earn scholarships either. An athlete has to show great potential and work for years to be able to qualify for a scholarship that is very rare. A scholar has multiple scholarships in which they can pick from

    Posted by: J.R
  • Keeps teen out of trouble

    I think it keep teens out of trouble because i was in cross country and it kept me out of trouble for a long time but now its over. But i am doing track so that will help to. And yes i was in trouble a lot when I wasn't cross country.

  • Sports are Good

    Any extra cirricular activity, including sports, are helpful to keep kids out of trouble. Number one, sports give kids an activity in which to participate after school, so instead of hanging out and causing trouble they have something to do. Second, sports help kids to focus on goals to become successful.

  • Sports help those kids to find other activities

    Sports help tenagers to focus on something other than trouble. It gives them character development and helps them to build friendships with other people if playing a cooperative sport. Plus, sports helps them to play by the rules, as you have to follow directions, and work hard in sports to become a good player.

  • Sports do not keep kids out of trouble.

    In fact, they keep kids IN trouble. Ever noticed that the jocks are always the ones who are the bullies?

    Sports teach the survival of the fittest. They teach primal instincts, such as judging people for their phyical prowess, and living like a salmon (doing the same thing as everyone else, and living to mate.) As a whole, FB players are more likely to not do their homework, to have underage sex, to establish "cliques" of bullies, and to become unsuccessful individuals later on.

    If that's not you, you're the exception, not the rule.

    If sports are forced, teens will have something more to worry about. Most already have a load of homework, and some have an instrument. Now they will be judged physically, as well as mentally. Everyone has different abilities. A teen may have a good grade in school, Harvard might want him, but he can barely do a chin-up. On the other hand, a kid who is so-so in school, but excellent at FB, can play FB and get a scholarship. It's a win-win. If students are judged on BOTH brains AND brawn, however, it's a lose-lose, unless you have perfect DNA.

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