• It is offensive

    If you say cheese is black, that is very racist and being a stereotype. It just inst right. You have to say cheese is yellow or you will make it mad. So please be nice to people and watch what you say. People need to respect other people and not be racist to people or cheese.

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  • They can damage your self-esteem.

    There are some good stereotypes but we are preconceiving ideas about someone based on their gender, race or appearance. If you don't really know what someone is like and you stereotype them it can be mentally damaging. We need to stop unfairly generalizing people when we don't know what they are truly like.

  • Yes they do

    Stereotypes in society are something that create a struggle for people's different types of freedoms. It can mean that some groups of people are afraid to even leave their homes, or can't stay on flights as passengers are too afraid to sit next to them. In that case, I'm primarily talking about a common stereotype that "all Muslims are terrorists", but especially in the UK, multiculturalism is a huge part of our national identity. So, yes, they do harm society.

  • Yes, they come from ignorance and teasing

    Streotypes can be offensive and they are not true. They can make some people believe stupid things, example, the Australian stereotype. Some people actually think Aussies are racists who happen to live in the outback and have to deal with dangerous animals all the time and all that junk. However none are true. They teach the wrong things, and they are annoying.

  • Stereotypes are wrong and its us who need to make a change

    Yes they do i don't like sitting in the house doing all the jobs i would like to go out side and play football i would like to go and be a builder but people think its wrong and we shouldn't have to live in that way its wrong and it needs to stop!!!

  • Yes it does.

    People don't pursue their dreams because of common or uncommon stereotypes. Don't you want to see more female scientists or more stay at home dads. Our world be more powerful without stereotypes. They are harmful and can hurt peoples feelings. That is why they are harmful, controlling, and hurtful to people.

  • Stereotypes leads negativity

    Being judged as a specific type of person is hurtful, like if you are a Asian ( no offense ) you have to be smart, people say that your parents will beat you with a bamboo and that Asians are not athletic. Same with African-Americans ( no offense again ) you are a thief and always carry drugs in your pockets or wear a vest of drugs. That is my opinion, but if people say it's okay to gave fun or just as a joke, some people take it very seriously. So next time people, think about what you will say thank you and have a great day. ( colts will win the Super Bowl )

  • Obviously !!!! NO MORE STEREOTYPES !!!

    How and why do people form stereotypes? The commonsense answer to these questions is captured in social learning theory. Simply put, we learn stereotypes from parents (our first and most influential teachers), significant others (e.G., peers), and the media. True enough. Research supports commonsense here but also indicates that commonsense does not tell the whole story.
    Another explanation for how we form stereotypes comes from research in cognitive psychology on the categorization process. People like to, want to, need to categorize the world, both the social and physical world, into preferably neat little groups. They inevitably do so (i.E., categorize) for 3 reasons. 1) it’s cognitively efficient - once you have categorized you no longer need to consider information about each individual member of the group. You can apply all of the group information to all of its members. Categorization saves processing time and we are COGNITIVE MISERS. 2) it satisfies the need to understand and predict the social world. You no longer need to wonder what each individual is like (understand), or what he or she is likely to do (predict). All of this is contained in the stereotype. 3) it’s a way to feel better about yourself; we thing our groups (ingroups) are better than other groups (outgroups)- the INGROUP FAVORABILITY BIAS

  • It Is Not Always A Bad Thing

    Who doesn't like flipping on their television and watching the numerous comedians who base their comedic acts on racial and societal stereotypes? People who are dull and boring. In frequent cases, yes- Stereotypes are bad for society. However, through these same stereotypes, I have learned to accept my fellow Man for the flaws that I perceive in him. Stereotypes are another way to look at ourselves and laugh. Let's just accept that nobody is perfect. In fact, I'll go out on a whim and say that the only reason nobody said "No" was because they want society to view them as perfect beings.

  • Stereotypes are bad for us in all levels or in different aspects

    In the personal level , to my opinion,stereotypes will be used if someone envy you . On the social level , Incidents always take place in the US and there are conflicts between races .Thats what stereotypes harm the society.Moreover, the president of the USA build a wall between Mexico and The USA .It means stereotypes has occurred some way else

  • No if you don't let it

    If you allow stereotypes affect you then they will harm you, don't really care about them or believe them. People might use stereotypes against you to lower your self-esteem because they envy you or make you feel bad. Okkkkkkkkkkk? Don't take them seriously they are trying to affect your individualism

  • Nope. If it's obviously not true, why take offense?

    People are only harmed by stereotypes and words when they allow themselves to be. I'm able to laugh off any stereotypes about me, the lot of them are complete garbage and hard to actually take offense to. If someone believes a stupid stereotype, laugh at them. Don't let them laugh at you.

  • Noo no nooo

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    no cause i said so, no cuz i said so, no cause i said so and again no cause i said so so so so so NO .

  • No, not when taken with a grain of salt.

    If you use a stereotype lightly in order to find out or say something about what a person from a specific country or ethnicity might be like or might enjoy, then it is fine because it is often based on a bit of truth. But if you hold it too tightly so that you don't really find out who the person is, then it is harmful.

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