Do STRAIGHT WHITE MEN tend to be resistant to being offended because of "thick skin" or the lack of STRONG enough ways to offend?

Asked by: FullyFormedMouse
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  • ***Assume GENERALIZATION*** Yes = "Thick Skin," meaning they can easily ignore the offensive comment attempt No = Lack of STRONG ways to be offended by.

    I'd say that STRAIGHT WHITE MEN (in general) are less bothered by offensiveness and dislike "PC" because there isn't much you can say that has strength behind it. Call a black person a N* at work, you get fired. Make unwanted advances towards a woman and tell her to make you a sandwich gets you a trip to HR and a possible restraining order. There isn't a "PC" defense for that at work.

    If there are ways to STRONGLY offend straight white men with the levels of N** and workplace

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