• We need rights in schools!

    I do beleive students deserve more rights in schools. I am not even allowed to sit where i want in lunch. I thought once I got to middle school teachers would stop babying us students. On the "school food chain" kids are at rock bottom and no one can change that. Students can't go to the bathroom without permission, we get walked down to luch and get picked up, supervised by an adult. The only thing kids have control of is the locker they obtain. It is a dictatorship and students have no army to defend themselves. That is why students need more rights in schools.

  • Students should be treated with respect.

    Yes, students should have the right to be treated with respect instead of like inferior beings. They should not be talked down to. Teachers should not treat students as if they were their own children. Perhaps if we set a good example by according students more rights and respecting them, they would learn to emulate us.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe students to deserve more rights in schools. Schools generally have a student council or government in place, but they usually nullify it by not allowing them any power. I think if these bodies were used more effectively students could participate in a democratic process and receive more freedom. I think this would be extremely beneficial both at the middle school and high school levels.

  • Yes, I think students deserve more rights in schools.

    I think everyone should be treated with respect and have sufficient and full rights regardless of where they are, I think students should be treated with respect and have a agreed upon amount of rights and privileges that allow them to feel like they are being treated fairly and respectfully.

  • Students are shoved into a world where they are expected to survive independently after being controlled for almost their entire lives.

    High schoolers still have to ask to go to the bathroom, when in a month they'll be making critical decisions that impact their entire lives. We need more freedoms and rights-right now, we are so numb to being bossed around and dictated, with our words, thoughts, and voices being held in the grip of those with questionable responsibility, that once we are finally allowed to do what we want, we have no other option but to crumble. School has allowed feelings of dictation and stress for generations, and when we have such a dependency on that structure, we'll be crippled when we are actually out in the real world which lacks guidelines.

  • We are so limited within the classroom.

    In what way do we as students have enough rights? I am currently in school and have even brought up this topic up to one of my teachers. He agreed that students do not have the same amount of rights as teachers and normal citizens. We are equal to everyone else in the United States of America, we deserve our rights.

  • They have the right to learn, that's all they need.

    No, students do not deserve more rights in schools. They have the right to sit down, shut up, and learn for a few years. They don't have to support themselves while doing it. They just have to be present and turn in homework. That's all the rights they should need or want until they become adults.

  • Students do not deserve more rights

    It is my opinion that students do not deserve more rights in schools because they are currently given rights and privileges that are adequate enough for them to be properly educated. If students had more rights in schools then the teachers would be less likely to be able to educate them to the best of their abilities.

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