• Recess is healthy

    I think students should have recess everyday don't you think? I mean recess is healthy it increases blood flow, and 9 out of 10 doctors agree with me.It also helps students to relax there minds for there next subject. It is also a great time to exercise don't you agree?

  • Recess should be a requirement in schools

    I say that recess should be a requirement in schools because students get some free time to relax. Another reason is they get the freedom to run around and play. The last reason is because if the students did not get there required excersise for the day they can go to recess and have physical activity

  • Yes they do.

    I think that recess is important for several reasons. First, it lets students get exercise, which is a healthy habit. It also lets students socialize, which is a skill that they need to learn in life. Students also need a little down time where they can relax and get out all their extra energy so they can focus in class.

  • Yes students require daily recess for well being.

    If by recess is meant time away from study that allows for play and even for physical activity, then recess is a necessary activity for children and even teens. There has to be a balance in life for there to be well being, and giving equal time to play and to work allows children to reach their full potential and not be too stressed.

  • Recess helps students

    Students need recess every day to take a break from studying and to play and exercise. It is important to take a break from studying and to not be sitting down all day. Recess allows students to play and to be up and running around. Recess allows students to relax.

  • Do they need a break? Yes. Recess? No.

    It is good for students (like myself) to have a break from classes, like during lunch. But recess is a bit childish, don't you think? I understand why some people may not agree with me but honestly, once you get to middle school no one even cares anyways. Well, at least my school... And a bunch of other students from schools nearby.

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