• Yes they do

    I believe the powers of supernatural powers do exist. It's just like science , but a supernatural science, if you use the right tools and information, there possibly could be a way for the super natural powers to exist. You just have to go out and look for it. I believe somewhere in the world, though we haven't found it yet that there are supernatural powers.

  • No it not exist

    I think it is just a thought if we think its real then its exist if we not it doesn't . We thought that happen and we lock the brain n thought it is done by powers.So in my view it is the game of brain it is the thought of brain.

  • Super natural powers exist

    I believe that super natural powers exist because there are witches and there are spirits from the dead and they can control things with out touching them and its sad that no one else said yes because you guys are really sad and realistic and you need to be happy and have an imagination people!!

  • NO, supernatural powers don't exist

    Instead of arguing on the impossibility of these powers, I am gonna present counter arguments to 'why it exists'. The proofs we have for the existence of these powers are religious text and folktales and the countless amount of sightings and the people with real supernatural powers. The problem with the religious texts and folktales that they are present in a very large quantity and very very diverse between different regions and communities and also among the some sect or community. They are so diverse that they are nonlinear and often tend to contradict other texts. For example let's take psychics/espers, they exist in many folktales but have different abilities and different sources of their powers.
    Then let's go to the sightings, most if not all are fakes and/ or delusions. Many write them to just flow with the hype , while many for some short lived publicity and some of them are delusions and i have never seen anything like that. And again most if not all of the people who claim to have these powers are frauds and money hoarders. So, examining the current evidences and looking at the question logically.
    Super natural powers do not exist.

  • No, super natural powers do not exist.

    In my life I have never seen an example with my own eyes of where super natural things or powers have happened. Most of the people that believe they do exist are somewhat crazy in my opinion. This is why I do not believe that super natural powers exist at all today.

  • No, humans are mortal.

    No, super natural powers do not exist, because human beings are mortal. There is no evidence that humans have ever had supernatural powers. Supernatural powers exist in fairy tales and comic books because they entertain audiences for the reason that they do not exist in real life. Super natural powers are a nice wish, but there is no evidence they are real.

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