Do teachers put too much stress on their students with the amount of studying and homework?

Asked by: claudia_skye
  • I have mixed feelings

    I honestly have no idea where I stand on this, but since I'm in high school, I won't deny any chance to mash teachers about giving homework.

    I take a class called AP Euro which is the hardest class available in my high school by a long margin. This is basically a college caliber class that high-schoolers that are stupid and full of themselves because of their good grades (like me) take and watch their quarterly average drop like a stone. This class requires you to learn ridiculously large amounts of content and do ridiculously large amount's of work in a short period of time. When I signed up, I thought "Hey, I can just suck it up and do the work. It'll be hard, but I can do it!" Little did I know that the amount of work required for this class is in a different league. The work given on a nightly basis that is required through the whole school year with no breaks even on vacations has driven me and my classmates out of our god forsaken minds. Now I know what you're thinking, "Boo hoo, just suck it up and do it because in life you will get overwhelmed by work on a daily basis", which I can agree with. Problem is that it is affecting the grades in the other 8 classes that we take every day and now our averages are falling like a stone in a pond. In previous years, some people have been completely broken from this class and have ruined their GPA's by getting 40's in this class.

    What can be learned from this is that kids can only handle so much, so making them do overwhelming amounts of work outside of school won't do them any favors while their trying to get through school.

    On the other hand, having kids pushed to the point of breaking will help them tackle situations where overwhelming amounts of work will have to be done in the future. Also, giving them lots of work can help colleges and companies distinguish the hard workers from the lazy bums.

    I don't know where I stand on this topic, and I think the stress given by large amounts of work has it's ups and downs.

  • They don't understand

    As a student, I can confirm that it shouldn't matter as much as they think it does. I do my homework pretty much every time it is assigned, but... Can we please have some time off? Family life should be first, am I correct? School is getting to the point where it is trying to become the primary life, and it SHOULDN'T be! Plus, take a poll with adults! A LOT of adults don't remember much at all from what they learned in school. Obviously we should learn basic math, reading and writing skills, basic science, physical education (look around), and U.S. history. Also, driver's ed. The teachers don't know what career path us students will go on. Some of us do, and we should only have to do the subjects that we need in order to fulfill our job. I hate to be that idiot, but... Half of the stuff I have learned this year literally will not pertain to my future at ALL probably. I have also come to enjoy my life less because I am almost constantly worrying about homework, projects, studying, etc. Seriously, tone it down a bit. Let me enjoy the rest of my teen years before I become an adult.

  • I agree 100%.

    Kids today shouldn't have to deal with the amount and stress and anxiety we go through everyday. We have 5 stressful days of school a week, and our 2 day weekend still filled with loads of homework and School isn't even about learning anymore. All it is, is to get good grades and to pass your classes. Our grades shouldn’t define who we are, but thats what it feels like. I don’t even participate with extracurricular activities anymore because I am stressed out enough.

    Don’t get me wrong I love learning new things, but we only have so much time alive and I don’t think we should waste every minute of our childhood “learning” stuff. I wrote “learning” like that because I memorize the answers when I am studying ,I take the test, then after I erase it from my mind so I can pass my next class. Whats the point of learning it then? How is passing a class going to help me in the real world? It wont. At 18 you expect people to have a career plan planned out when 6 months ago in class they still had to ask to get up and go to the restroom. We shouldn't be dreading going back to school after our winter and spring break, but we do. Hopefully our generation will change, because at this rate kids won’t be anything but stressed and depressed. So if this doesn't answer this question I don't know what will.

  • Teachers are too much....

    Damn I'm only a 7th grader...I'm stressed and have been getting anxiety attacks lately, I haven't been getting much sleep because of homework and I hate it. It's pretty much all my teachers, but this one teacher gives way more homework than she should. I also feel like I never eat anymore as well, I have too much homework.

  • Yes they do

    Lately My teacher has put way too much stress on me, it literaly took me 3 days to get some REAL deep eyebags, from both homework and My teacher screaming and moaning. To be fair, she even did a 180 on My heart... I used to be the one Who was really warm hearted and kind. All tho, ever since she put stress on My i've become really Cold to people and I feel like just hitting someone. I Havnt Been able to learn a singel thing because of this stress. I'm only 13 years old and im in 7th grade

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  • This question grinds my gears!

    Students need to understand something called "Good Work Ethic" if they are seriously complaining about a little homework, good luck in life. Lol. You're going to need some luck to get through. This question is the definition of a troll question. You people know nothing.

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    And You're Welcome

  • It's not the teachers

    The problem isn't the teachers nor the homework. It's the curriculum. Anymore they have a test for everything. You study to take a test so you can take a test over that test so later in the year you can take a bunch of tests about all the other tests you've taken. The reslult is students going to school to take a test. They aren't even critical thinking tests either they are multiple choice tests that drone for hundreds of questions. Kids don't need to learn about things that are of no use to them when they have no idea about the things that are fundamental to their lives and future. The state tries to force their curriculum down our throats and in the process they make a bunch of booksmart idiots dependant on the state who are more focused on being politically correct than solving fundamental problems. Not to mention education costs for college are ridiculous so it strangles any ingenuity and forces people to play it safe

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