• I believe they do

    Some say teenagers only understand lust. I disagree. I believe they are capable of understanding both. Now I don't know exactly how it works, but I do believe that the age of understanding love comes differently for every individual, but for the sake of this argument, I think most do understand by the time they are 13 or above.

  • I enjoy sexual intercourse, but i enjoy having it with who i love

    The first experience of love is when you're young and in high school. Most teenagers experience their first love in high school and they don't realize it. The only reason people think we don't love in high school is because we usually find our second love when we're older and we realize that it's better than the first because it shows that there is still love after your first. When we're young, we're dumb, But I think that you can fall in love at any time in your life. You'll know when you're in true love. I did.

  • As a teenager....

    I personally have not expierenced love ye although its hard to say that i havent seen anyone else fallin love before. If you me to be honest i have brothers who married his high school sweerheart, why do people under estimate teenagers. Why cant we be as in love as an adult. People want us to be adults so why is that we cant have those same feeling if we are entering adulthood.

  • I believe they can.

    Young people can develop feelings of love before, or separate to, lust.
    There have been many cases of people marrying years after their love began as teenagers; I know a happily-married couple who began their relationship at 13. I for one started developing feelings for a boy when I was 11. Though it started as a flutter of excitement and a fancying, my feelings grew more intense and he reciprocated. By the time we were 14 or 15, the love had become incredibly passionate and still chaste. I barely dreamt of engaging in sexual activity with him, and remember - there is a difference between sex and making love. Teenagers are not the highly-sexed creatures some adults may suspect them to be. Some are driven by deep love and a close bond and not by lust.

  • Young love is REAL.

    Romantic teenagers feel much deeper and more innocent love for as long as they remain true to one another. After all, the "studies before love" mantra for Filipinos is just a thing in the past, and nowadays, they tend to make love and consummate their relationship. Teen love grow fonder as they make plans for their future together, and to those heartbroken with your abusive boyfriend and girlfriend, my advice is to rekindle that relationship and continue with what you are doing. Look at Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer, look at Kira Kosarin and Chase Austin, look at Ryan Newman and Jack Griffo, look at Jace Norman and Isabela Moner, those are #relationshipgoals and they must be the norm for the modern society.

  • I think teenagers can understand love!

    I am thirteen and i am smart enough to know i love my family and friends and one of my best friends is guy. Do i love him? Yes i do. My friends always make me happy and smile and i know that just because someone isn't your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't mean you don't love them.

  • Not sure what age, but definitely graspable as a teenager.

    As a child, one does not recognize the difference between material love, familial love, and love for another in a romantic way. I believe high school is an appropriate age range of students who grasp the idea of love, and feel feelings for others that they do not feel towards family. Although the word is thrown around lightly (and it shouldn't be), I knew i loved my boyfriend at the age of 19. I am now 30, married with 2 kids, and still just as in love with him as I was then, and more. If love was not able to be understood by a teenager, there wouldn't be old couples talking about being together since high school, and neither would I.

  • Who are you to claim that we cannot understand love?

    Of course, not all teenagers will have the opportunity to experience love; perhaps not entering into a serious relationship until later in life, or finding the right person. Perhaps the only teenage love you are aware of is infatuation with celebrities and characters from novels- our way of rehearsing the feelings of love, if you will, However, this does not mean that we are incapable of feeling or understanding love. People mature are different rates and come to understand things at different times. Additionally, it is not only a massive generalisation to state that all teenagers desire in a relationship is sex, but it is also incorrect. We can love someone and, at the same time, not wish to have sex with them. Anyway, I know of many adults who enjoy sex without love- does that mean they cannot experience it? Conclusively, I speak from experience- teenagers can feel love just as truly and deeply as any adult. It is not your place to tell us we cannot.

  • Teenagers do understand love that is part of their feelings.

    Teens start developing new emotions and feelings that they might know how to use better than adults. That is because the brain is still developing and they are the new future so they start understanding how the fiture is going to work out including love which is a feeling. So Yes.

  • Yes in some cases.

    I believe that teens can experience true love. You hear of many stories of people marrying their high school sweethearts. I am one of them. I know I am in love because through thick and thin I have stayed with my husband, we have never been in our relationship for sex (we held off for marriage), I experienced the most happiest days in my life when I was with him, I never saw any faults in the relationship etc...
    It does seem like most teens do not understand love though. I have seen many who only compete with their friends about how many times they have had sex. I believe society, music and celebrities etc, are teaching teens the wrong message. I believe they are teaching kids that love must be for sex and with an attractive person, then you must cheat and break up, you must get drunk and do drugs and have a one night stand etc... I have seen teens break up with each other because they are not cool enough or their friends don't think their partner is attractive enough... This shows that most of teens love can be considered lust. But I believe it is society that is changing teens view on what love really is. Teens can truly understand love but the vast majority don't.

  • They are too young

    Teenagers don't understand love, but they do understand lust. Their bodies are changing and they are just a cesspool of hormones. The only thing that teenagers understand is that sex feels good, they are in their most carnal state at that age. An understanding of true love doesn't present itself until later in life.

  • It depends on your definition of love...

    Speaking as a 16 year old boy, I can safely say that the majority of people my age and younger don't understand love on a romantic level. I know many people, including my closest friends, who will only ever go for someone who is attractive. A lot of the time I just roll my eyes when they tell me they have a new crush because it is usually on someone they barely even know and I'm 100% sure that it is because of their appearance. This isn't true for everyone my age - there are some people who seem to grasp the concept better than young adults, but by no means do the majority truly comprehend the idea of "true love". I myself have no idea what love is, and I have never believed that I am "in love" with anyone. On a different level, I think I understand love fundamentally when it comes to friends and family. I think most young people do unless they've had unfortunate lives. People often love their closest friends and family at my age and this is based purely on love. However, when it comes to relationships (boyfriends/girlfriends), they often believe that they love someone due to lust, and I worry that perhaps some of them won't grow out of it.

  • Coming From a teen.....

    I'm a teenager myself and I do not fully understand love and probably will not fully understand it until I am well into my 20's. I don't believe that some teens are capable of holding such feeling do to the influence that they have these days. If you listen to the "music" that plays on the radio now, it's very distasteful and anti-love. Love doesn't exist to the younger crowd, only "catching bodies" (Sleeping with many) matters. Maybe some of us are capable of understanding love but this generation makes it almost impossible to try and love do to their immature and nefarious behavior.

  • I'm assuming this is about romantic love...

    No. But teens do understand love. They just haven't gotten to real love for a partner because that takes years. More years than they've even been interested in romance. Check out the stages of attraction. Lust, feeling like that person hung the moon... etc. Then news flash! The lust is gone, you learn their faults and you still love them. That's love. It takes years to get there. Even for adults.

  • Not enough experience.

    Teenagers have never experienced love yet, so how could they understand it? Love in the teenage years is overwhelming, confusing, and most teenagers have many unrealistic expectations when it comes to love. That's why teenagers cycle through partners so frequently. As soon as one problem appears, teens think that the relationship is dead and it has to be discarded. Only with the experience of age will they come to understand what love is and how much work true love really takes.

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heyfur_1213 says2014-10-02T01:02:51.203
If you have a conscious, then you can love or like. Whether you're 15 or 40. It's just there's a difference with young lovers or first time lovers, like teenagers for example, they let the love blind them. They can't make wise decisions because they let it over crowd their mind so it's not possible to make rational decisions. As for older people, they're more experienced. As a teenager goes through a couple relationships, he/she starts to understand that yes it does have its perks but as well it's not-so-great times.