Do teens have too many legal restrictions?

Asked by: Fanny
  • We are able

    I agree with no drinking but we need jobs for money, we need to drive there. WE as young adults deserve a right that doesn't have safety restrictions all over. We should be able to practice life skills that will help us in the future and point us in the right direction toward collage a job what we like in a job and what we don't. We don't want to make wrong choices in life think about all the people who complain and hate there job so let us figure it out. This is me saying that we are in the U.S.A and we are saying that the statue of liberty that the french built for us is nothing that the statue on our coins are trash because liberty means freedom not to a few but to all that step in to america. So yes I'm mad because you are saying (FLSA) that were babies and we can't handle the truth. Well I want to say some words that God would slap me for so I'm mad. Teens are able.

  • Especially at school

    I think teens have the least right while at school. Here, their rights are basically stripped away from them. In my school, we aren't allowed to carry book bags or purses. We aren't allowed to use our cell phones, even when not in class. We have to have a teacher escort us to the bathroom and if we have to do more than once a term during class we get a detention. Our clothes are policed to a point where even yoga pants may be banned. We're treated like children, and then we're sent to college where there are practically no rules. It sends a conflicting message.

  • I am a human.

    I am a teenager. I have many laws restricting my rights, yet I frequently make informed adult and mature decisions and criticize society for giving teens a bad rep. 12 year olds used to command revolutionary ships, so why do I have to do what adults say when it comes to my rights? Women got their rights by questioning society. That's how I'll get mine.

  • Teens are humans too!

    Being a teen myself, I think teens have hardly any rights at all and I think it's a shame. They have all these laws to "Protect" and all they do is make teens feel like toddlers. Teens DO have the ability to make responsible decisions and most of them do. Yeah, There is a small percentage that makes dangerous decisions but you can't assume that ALL teens are like that. Teens are humans, Not puppets that deserve to be told what they can do on their free time. Teens have hardly any rights and when they try to use them, They are still restricted. Once you become a teen, You aren't considered a child in my opinion. You are a young adult. Children are children when they're between ages 1-12. Once you become 13, You're a young adult with at least some adult responsibilities. Stuff like marriage and buying a house are responsibilities for full adults (18+) but teens should be allowed to sign small contracts and be charged as an adult if they commit big crimes such as murder. Teens need less restrictions and more rights. That's all I have to say.

  • Relax teen restrictions

    Laws and restrictions on teens need to be revised across the board. How can we send an 18 year old to war, but he can't vote or drink alcohol? Let's make the national age of majority 18 and do away with archaic laws hindering work opportunities for today's brightest teens.

  • No. Teens need structure.

    No. With teen deaths on the rise in America, there needs to be regulations in some aspects of teen life. Teenagers are often impressionable, and with the technology of today, teens are targeted with so many things. It makes sense to regulate some actions of teens until they can fully understand what it is to be a young adult.

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