Do television and music distract society from their tasks?

  • Yes it does distract society.

    For thousands of years or longer humans have told stories. Movies, music, and T.V. Are here for a few reasons. Music can help relax people who are stressed, and help them focus. There are some negatives too T.V. Those being a waste of time for example the Kardashians, mob wives, real housewives of_____, reality shows etc. Conversely T.V. Can help teach like the history channel or discovery channel. Sorry that was a tad off topic. So yes they are distractions. Distractions that can help us decompress, and forget about our problems for a while which may allow us to see the problems in a new light like seeing something you over looked. In the words of Jack Nicholson " All work, and no play makes Johnny a dull boy."

  • Yes it does

    Television and music pulls people away from what's important and leaves them in a world known as procrastination. Television has a negative effect and should not be used while you have a task at hand. This leads people to frustration and low quality work because they cram all the work in a shorter amount of time.

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