• It Does Somewhat

    Every Assassin's Creed Game Has Historical People & Historical Events In It, But The Main Plot Of The Game Does Not Teach History At All. AC Orgins: Ancient Egypt. AC 2 & Brotherhood: Italian Renaissance. AC 3: Pre-American Revolutionary War & The Start Of The American Revolutionary War. AC 4 Black Flag: Pirates.

  • It does...Kind of

    Its easy to tell what is fiction and what is not. But assasins creeds envioroment is probably the most historic with the streets and landmarks. The new assasins creed has the Notre Damn on nearly a 1 to 1 scale which is pretty amazing it is also split into multipale districs where npc act differently. However assasins after the 12 century is inacurate and the hidden blade never existid

  • Yes... To an extent

    The first assassin's creed game was based on a real assassin-like organization called the Ḥashshāshīn order, and depicts life during the third crusade in which a military order called the Knights Templars did actually take part in.

    The third assassins creed game showcase's actual event's that happened, they made slight modifications for the story like the Templars ordering the killing's at the Boston massacre but the end result is still the same, the British fired at unarmed civilians, and the subsequent events that follow are accurately depicted with slight modifications that are easily spotted as fiction.

  • They are historic

    The assassins creed games do teach us some history as they are based in the pass with real people. It also includes information on historic people for example Leonardo Divinchi. The games have real historic buildings and places. The games are AMAZING by the way and are fun to play as well as educational

  • Just because you see a historical face every once in a while, doesn't mean you are taught "history"

    Should I believe that there is an artefact called the "Apple of Eden" that disproves pretty much every religion? Was King Richard during the Crusades really influenced by a man named Altair? Did DaVinci create flying objects that were used to combat the Borgia? Are you telling me that almost every single conflict over the last 20 centuries were just proxy wars about something bigger? What about AC 4? Surely.... Pirate shenanigans are actually history right? AC teaches history the way Cooking Mama teaches you to cook with excellence, the way Trauma Centre teaches you how to be a surgeon and the way Anima Crossing teaches you about how the economy works. They give you a flimsy idea.... But one that is rarely applicable to the real world.

  • Nothing that happens in the Assassins Creed games ever happened

    When you load up the game there is even a message telling you nothing in the games are based upon historical fact even if containing real places or people. If you didnt know who someone from history was you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between their in game character and the ones that are 100% made up. Having George Washington in AC3 for example doesnt teach you anything about him he is just there. Dont be stupid guys

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