• Existence of the Illuminati ?

    Do you really think you control your life? Well if you do then why don't you have everything you desire? Because you are controlled by others who control the money of the world. Therefore they have the authority over those without.Do you really think Obama care was the Idea of one individual ? The Illuminati has and will exist as long as there is a need for them to control those who refuse to control themselves. They are coming out about their organization because of false accusations against them. They seek to preserve human life, not to destroy it as many believe. If they destroy it then they destroy themselves. Think people , use your Brain. Also stop Judging others and Judge yourselves instead and one can move forward and prosper. Read the Illuminati 1st Testament to learn more about them and open your mind. The Illuminati members remain hidden but are not hard to figure out who is who if one is intelligent. But they must stay in hiding because of the threat there would be from those who refuse to be under anyone in authority. Make no mistake they do exist.

  • I Like Turtles

    The Illuminati Like Turtles Too because my little turtle friend say that he was Illuminati and they Like turtles too, like humans so for that reason the Illuminati are going to conquer the world whit the awesome Ninja Teen Turtles and the best turtle football player of the world #Theturtlesaregoingtoconquertheworld

  • They absolutely exist...

    As a fractured band of frat boys and nerds. The Illuminati has been pop cultured to the point where literally every organization could be said to be run by them. Depending on the nerd-ism of the guy in charge, sometimes the people saying it are right. Oh yeah, the reason I posted this is: Fnord

  • Yes i suppose

    I have researched, but i mean many celebrities have admitted to being part of the illuminati. Also, this is an organization that has formed and stemmed for over decades and more. So yes i think it exists. And they would obviously have to keep hidden because what they do is illegal. So thats why its questioned if it exists.

  • No No No

    No they don't exist. It is make believe. Celebrities who die is out of their own actions or other consequences not some iluminati. We need to be realistic and see that this is not true. I haven't seen any evidence yet to support this group. So how can it be true?

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