• States need to concentrate on proper training of policeman.

    Policemen need to be properly trained, especially in higher crime areas. The black lives matter vs. blue lives matter has grown into a problem used for political gain on both sides. Policemen need to be trained and have regular psych evaluations, particularly if they are in high crime jurisdictions. A policeman's job is tough and many people have been taught for generations not to trust police. There are problems with both sides and no political party is honestly trying to come up with a solution. The solution on the side of the police would be better/more proper training.

  • They need more training.

    We have seen what the police does when they have weapons and lack proper training. I think the police force should focus on training for the time being and teach police officers how to react in the middle of a crazy situation. I know police officers are people and even with proper training, there will still be problems, but recent events have shown a lack of training.

  • They certainly need more training

    Although this isn't really a yes/no question, there's no doubt that police need more training with the weapons that they already have. Many times police officers only train well enough to pass the requirements, and then stop training with their weapons. Competent police officers should be training with their weapons at least once a week so they don't freeze when it comes time to draw it.

  • Training is paramount

    Police need more and better training, not more and better weapons. Helping police understand and react to situations that are part of the 21st century daily lives of law enforcement will do more to help police be effective. De-escalation, treatment over arrests and community policing are key initiatives to drive police safety and community trust.

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