Do the popes remarks about children choosing thier own gender mean he is less progressive than people think?

  • The pope has never been a progressive.

    He disapproves of things such as gay marriage, transgenderism, abortion, and pre marital sex. I'm proud that he is sticking to the Christian philosophy, that's why he's a pope. I mean what did you really expect, a guy who is pro abortion or believes in people being able to change their genders, as your pope....Liberals

  • Yes, the pope's remarks about children choosing their own gender shows that he is less progressive that people may think

    Yes, the pope's remarks about children choosing their own gender shows that he is less progressive that people may think. This is not to say that the pope did not take the position that people expected him to take. The church is not considered to be progressive on issues such as this.

  • No, the pope is a Marxist.

    The pope is not only progressive he is a Marxist. A former bouncer from Argentina, the pope embraces open borders, refuses to acknowledge Islamic terrorism, and embraces globalism. He uses the papacy to promote his own political stances. He is a hypocrite of epic proportion who is willing to destroy an entire continent, while hiding behind the walls of the Vatican. He ought to be ashamed of himself.

  • He's still pretty progressive

    He is the Pope after all, so he can't really embrace gender fluidity. Even if he supports traditional values, he is much more progressive than many in the Church as he is much more tolerant of others seen to be "different". Even though he takes a more traditional view on gender, he still maintains that "It is beyond question that we have to do much more in favor of women," such as making sure "that women not only are listened to more, but that their voice carries real weight, [is] an acknowledge authority in society and the church," and that's pretty unheard of.

  • He is liberal compared to other popes.

    To determine whether the pope is progressive, it's important to compare him to other popes. He has created a departure from previous popes. He has set a new tone of inclusion and love. He is less judgmental of same-sex relationships and divorce than prior popes. He is not going to change the Catholic faith overnight, but he is very much a progressive and forward-thinking pope.

  • No, the Pope's remark do not indicate that he is less progressive.

    No, the Pope's argument about children choosing their own gender is not a sign of him being less progressive. On the contrary; a socially conservative person would argue that genders are absolutes that can't be disputed. By suggesting that it is indeed a choice rather than a predetermined fact, the Pope voices a distinctly progressive stance.

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