Do the pros of Child Protective Services outweigh the cons?

  • I believe the pros outweigh the cons!

    The pros outweigh the cons because in multiple situations that I have witnessed, children feel threatened by the change that the CPS agents bring. Personally, it takes more of the Caseworkers time to get the child to trust them, before they can even start to "investigate." Not every agency and/or, caseworker is the same. That is just like saying every police officer is the same, and we all know that is not the truth. It takes a huge heart to deal with what CPS agents deal with daily. Between the heartbreaking situations that some children have to live through, and the false reports that are made out of spite, there is a lot to deal with and sort through. Again, we have to consider the situations that the caseworkers and the people are involved with. We do not know the details, we see what we want to see.

  • Yes, the pros of Child Protective Services outweigh the cons.

    Yes, the pros of Child Protective Services out weigh the cons. Child Protective Services does so much good for the children. They take a child and put them in a good home with people who love them, properly care for them, feed them, play with them, among other things. The only real con of CPS is that children are taken away from their parents. In the long run the children will see that this is what is best.

  • The Pros of Child Protective Services Outweigh the Cons

    Child Protective Service agencies protect children who cannot protect themselves against harm and evils in society. While there are cons to Child Protective Services, the benefits are provided - rescuing children from dangerous environments and in some cases, saving children's lives - greatly outweigh any cons. Providing safe environments for the nation's next generation is admirable and worth the costs.

  • Someone has to do something.

    Yes, the pros of Child Protective Services outweigh the cons, because someone has to step in when children are being abused. CPS is the last call for children. Children should not be made to live in sexual abuse, or be physically neglected, just because their parents choose it for them or the parents don't know any better.

  • No I do not agree that the pros outweigh the cons of child protection services.

    Sense I was in diapers my family has had to constantly deal with child services. Our in counters with them were never wanted or needed and only had negative effects on my siblings as well as myself. Many of the times they attacked us were because of false claims plased by my ungodly aunts and grandparents. Yet the agents never listened and only cared about our parents or home. They never truly asked or listened when we told them that we were happy. The only unhappy thoughts in our lives came from our outside family like grandparents or uncles and aunts and the child services. My siblings and I live in constant fear of them. My life's greatest fear,distrust, and hatered came mainly from the services. My siblings and I are growing up with anxiety and depression because of the child protection services. They have helped others before I know that, but to my family they have done nothing but cause harm to us. I understand that they have helped and even saved childeren, but they have also been what causes the childeren immense harm.

  • Cps ruins family. They do not care that they ruin and destroy families in the process of "trying to investigate"

    Cps takes kids out of their only homes they have known and place them into a stranger's home. That is why a lot of kids get angry and attack the caseworkers. Also on the other side, cps takes so many kids away that they cannot place them all in homes. So because they have no room, they place them in hotel rooms or in the cps offices.

  • I believe that the cons outweigh the pros

    Why? Because 9 times out of 10 a child that is taking from the home for a good reason and is making s solid improvement on school and in their life are then are re placed back with the parents or the people that were hurting them or that was part of their downfall to start will. Nothing like that should happen to any child.

  • - check this out...

    CPS has turned from an agency of protection to a business of big bucks and, since it’s a governmental body – that should be no surprise to anyone. So what’s in it for CPS?

    For every child that CPS removes from the home and places them into foster care, the federal government pays that local agency $30,000.00. In addition, the parents are charged for the financial care of the child. If the child is handicapped, depending on the kind of handicap, the amount increases to between $40,000.00 and $150,000.00 per child. If the child is then “adopted” by a new family, an additional $4,000.00 bonus is given - $6,000.00 for adoption of a special needs child. The CPS agent who physically removes the child is given a commission from the government’s fund. The more kids removed – the more commission – the bigger the personal financial gain. On the other hand, if a child is allowed to remain in the home or is returned to the parental home, the CPS agency and agent receives nothing. Agents are, therefore, encouraged to remove children to help generate more funding for the agency.

    Granted CPS does help in some areas where child abuse is present, but you have to consider are the agents of CPS motivated by helping children or motivated by the bonus they acquire from helping the unabused or abused.

  • No They Do Not

    As a parent I have been harassed by Child Protective Services because people make false accusations on their anonymous phone line. The required pictures of my sons arms to prove he had not bruises and this scared him quite a bit. The entire ordeal was quite invasive and they even asked me to take a drug test, despite everything being in order in our home. I have been witness to situations where CPS should have gotten involved, yet they declined to. For these reasons, I feel the pros far outweigh the cons.

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