• I support the fact that there pros when it comes to guns

    We need guns. With the world that we live in right now you don't know if you'll make it the next day. Its either survival or death in this world. And guns will help us survive. Remember guns don't make who we are. We make the gun and suffer if needed. Its common sense for the people who disagree.

  • We need guns to defend our selves

    We need guns to defend our selves. Guns save lives.Com and go to browse stories. They have over 1 thousand stories of times people have used guns to defend them selves and others. From home invasions to Burglaries and rape attempts. Guns clearly save more lives than they endanger. That's all Ill say.

  • Responsible gun ownership is a boone to society.

    A law-abiding and armed populace is not a dangerous one, the problem is that some who own guns are irresponsible or lack caution and this is what needs to be addressed. Law-abiding and armed citizens are not a problem and disarming them will not make society any safer by banning gun ownership.

  • Yes, because these guns are a right.

    We have the right to own a gun and should be able to. However, I understand that a lot of people see the dangerous and potentially deadly cons that exist with the pros of protection in regards to guns. If you use it for self-defense and keep it locked up, it is fine.

  • The pros of gun ownership outweigh the cons.

    The pros of gun ownership outweigh the cons. The biggest pro in gun ownership is the right for citizens to revolt if they are stuck living under a tyrannical government. The cons of gun ownership are largely based on isolated outbursts of psychopathic violence, but people who go on murder sprees can use other means besides guns to carry out their massacres.

  • What are the pros?

    America is a much safer place for violent crime than the media makes it out to be, which does not necessarily mean that gun ownership is a positive thing or a deterrent against crime so much as that it means that except for hunting and sport, gun ownership is pretty much pointless.

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