• Students should not have to wear uniform to school!!!

    Students should not have to wear uniform to school cause of freedom of speech and freedom of style and plus they could at less do dress codes for example in the text ''Do uniforms make schools better'' dress codes are much less restrictive than uniform policies. Sometimes however , dress codes are nearly as strict!!!

  • Yes

    First of all, I think when all the students wear the same thing, it makes the school look very organized and professional. Uniforms can also help prevent bullying based on what children are wearing. It can help parents with the cost of school clothes every year because there will be other parents to buy used uniforms from, since everyone wears the same thing and will eventually outgrow them.

  • Kids will stop getting distracted on what others wear

    If the students wear uniforms than they will stop getting distracted on what others wear. Kids tend to look at other kids outfits. That’s the problem with clothes they are a distraction to the students education.
    Also kids will stop getting bullied!! Also they don't cost that much in target

  • Yes,First of all

    The parents could save more money on clothes then on others and the school would not have any problems with bulling.I understand that kids don't like wearing school uniforms but nobody likes wasting money on clothes for girls with their pretty dresses or boys with their fancy clothes they are just uniforms it cant be that bad.

  • Yes Uniforms Make Schools Better

    I went to a private school until 8th grade, but now that I am in high school, I attend a public school with no uniforms, unlike my old school. I miss nothing more than my old uniform. Not only was there reduced bullying and a more professional look for the school, but also a more secure and united feeling among students, which was my favorite thing about having uniforms.

  • Yes, uniforms make schools better.

    Requiring students to wear uniforms may establish a sense of oneness amongst the students. It is possible that there would be fewer instances of bullying, acting out, and sexual harassment which would allow for teachers and other administrators to spend more energy on actually teaching the next generation of productive citizens.

  • Makes Schools Better In Some Ways

    When students don't have to worry about the cloths they wear in school, they can focus more on the school work. Poor and rich kids look the same so there is less bullying at least about that. It also prevents kids from dressing provocatively which is another distraction from learning.

  • Yes I Believe so

    Uniforms make school a safer place.
    1. They make it harder for gang members to identify themselves.
    2. They prevent violence and theft related clothing
    3. They help school staff & security quickly spot intruders
    4. They prevent students from concealing weapons from under their baggy clothes. I think that school uniforms are great.

  • Yes I Believe so

    Uniforms make school a safer place.
    1. They make it harder for gang members to identify themselves.
    2. They prevent violence and theft related clothing
    3. They help school staff & security quickly spot intruders
    4. They prevent students from concealing weapons from under their baggy clothes. I think that school uniforms are great.

  • The should wear uniforms

    In my opinion uniforms make school ps more organized than a school without uniform and also the are ess expensive than buying many clothes every single year. In the other hand , some people think that wearing uniforms is very boring.In conclusion I think that students should wear uniforms in schools

  • They do more harm than good.

    I have gone back and forth from schools all my life and I am currently in my sophomore year. And from personal experience I can say that uniforms do more harm than good. I am bullied myself on a constant bases and so are my friends even though we have school uniforms. We are bullied for our race, our act, our sexuality, and everything, including the uniform. We got comments saying we look gay and stupid. And the bullies either are doing one of two things 1) disregarding the rules and pushing the limits of the uniform or 2) making sure that we know that our bodies don't look good in it, like calling us fat and ugly. The uniform makes it worse. When I had no uniform I could at least express myself and choose the clothes that make me look slim or that make me look neat in order to look good. But now I have no choice but to waddle in an oversized polo, baggy khakis that don't fight right, and as a boy I'm not allowed to have my hair past my eyebrows. It's ridiculous. I can see what uniforms are trying to do but it doesn't work, not for the older generation of kids anyways. For a elementary school or middle school the point of uniforms can actually work and be applied because the young students don't know how to dress themselves yet. However most high school students know how to dress to make themselves look respectable. Not to mention that the schools overprice the uniforms because they know we need it. So it's expensive and hard to afford.

    What I'm saying is this:
    Uniforms try to do what cannot be done in modern society; eliminate all bullying. But it doesn't do that. It makes it worse by trying to make everyone the same. When we are not the same.

    It's the same principles that communism follows; if everyone is completely equal than there is nothing to go wrong and the world is peaceful. But we have all read and heard about what communism and repression does to humanity now haven't we?

  • No, we need freedom.

    How can a simple uniform make a school better for it is just clothes representing a child's school? For the people that agree that uniforms might help stop bulling because of the choice of clothes, I disagree. Why? Because the choice of clothes is not the only thing that matters when it comes to bullying. For example, kids can also be bullied because of how they are and where they live.

  • Not Better.

    No school uniforms do not make school better. If kids are bullying others because of what they wear, parents and teachers need to deal with that and fix the issue. Teaching kids that the way to get along is to strip them of one of the ways that can express themselves is wrong.

  • School uniforms do not make schools better.

    It allows them to wear what they want and expresses themselves.School uniforms don't help kids do anything .All kids are different and uniforms don't allow them to express their thoughts about a topic.There are bullies in all schools and uniforms don't stop bullies from bulling.Some Kids are not allowed to wear what they want on a field trip day.

  • Kids should be able to express themselves.

    I am a student at a school were we have to wear uniforms.I personally think that we should not wear uniforms because it can put peoples self esteem down because of the uniforms. I see that a lot of days. It can make parents days much easier because don't have to worry about choosing them an outfit.

  • No. Kids should not wear uniforms

    Because I am I student who attends a public school and I don't have to wear a uniform. And to be honest I feel if I had to wear a uniform I would just want to rebel more, and see how far I could push it. (Strict parents create sneaky kids) And the fact that children wouldn't get bullied, that isn't true! Kids from other school would bully them so much more. Uniforms don't do anything to the school it's the teachers and the way the school deals with stuff

  • Kids get bullied

    Today in many schools students have to wear uniform by force. Some students say that they like uniforms. Some say that they do not like it. But if kids do not have to wear uniforms it will make the parent’s mornings easier. Students get bullied for how they wear their uniform. If students do not have to wear uniforms then no one student will have to be bullied.

  • No, they don't.

    I feel that uniforms stifle creativity and teach children that conformity is something that you should strive for. Uniforms are just an unnecessary standard and tradition that doesn't really serve much of a purpose today. Children are capable of deciding what kind of clothes are right for them and appropriate.

  • Uniforms take away from instructional time and goals.

    Uniforms are not uniform and that leaves teachers with the added burden to decide which students are in uniform and which are not. Most schools require only certain colors of pants and shirts so that on any given day students can be wearing differnt color shirts and pants and different brands of shoes and jackets and sweaters with different logos so where is the uniformity? The teacher must then decide if a uniform is in compliance and if it's not the student needs to be removed to correct their uniform and all of this takes a way from instructional time. I have yet to see any data that demonstrates improved educational performance which is attributable to uniforms but I do have a plethora of anecdotal data to show how instructional time is negatively impacted by the enforcement of uniform rules.

  • Uniforms inhibit self-expression.

    I think pupils should have more self expression but at most school that have uniforms the pupils can't wear hoodies indoors but they can wear jumpers. I mean what's with that? Can we have some self expression? Even though wearing a school uniform would put pupils under less pressure with regards to deciding what to wear each morning, and wearing a uniform would stop some cases of bullying, overall I say no to school uniforms. I think schools should have uniforms but there should be an option to wear it or not.

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