Do unintelligent people cuss more than intelligent people do?

Asked by: PhantomZyrus
  • Intelligent people don't need to cuss because they have a larger vocabulary.

    I have talked to many unintelligent people and I have noticed that most, if not all, of them cuss. A lot. I feel this has something to do with their small vocabulary. However, intelligent people cuss way less. For example, I am very intelligent and I cuss, at the most, twice a month. (Halo: Reach online is almost always responsible for these outbursts) I understand that this also has to do with someone's upbringing and how they were raised but stupid people cussing as opposed to smart people cussing is simply too large of a difference for that to be the only factor. What do you think?

  • Education, Upbringing, People

    YES, unintelligent people do swear more than intelligent people. Have you ever heard a professor swear? Firstly, education plays a significant role in whether a person swears or not. You are not brought up learning these "swear words" so where do you learn them from? Which brings me to the next point. The PEOPLE who one tends to spend time with the most also play an important role. A toddler will not only follow the actions of a guardian/parent but will also imitate their words, learn from what they are saying and see it as a way of communication. Last but not least, upbringing - if a child is from a family who studied in order to have a financially stable and high-paying job, has been well educated and has had a good upbringing, this child is less likely to swear. Bonus if the child is brought up with moral values. If the child has been brought up in a household that uses swear words, has been educated to a limit (e.G. Has not finished high school) or spends most of his or her time with friends who swear, he or she will certainly swear. There are exceptions. It is not the parent who is at fault in some circumstances. It seems that culture comes into this as well. People who are born overseas seem to swear less whilst those in Western countries seem to swear more. The topic is still controversial yet I believe these points I have made above are able to provide at least some light. The people who swear are not "unintelligent" but rather have had a different upbringing. They may be as smart as Albert Einstein and still choose to swear. That is their decision, I just outlined what plays a role in their decision.

  • Intelligent people are raised in much better households.

    Children who grow up to be intelligent, are raised in good households, where rules are enforced. They are not permitted to cuss.
    Cussing is a habit. People who were raised in bad conditions with a lack of parenting think that cussing is an 'okay' way to explain your feelings. Also, since they are not intelligent, they do not know of any other way to express themselves.

  • Yes they do!

    Cussing itself is an unintelligent thing. Do I cuss? Yes, sometimes, but I don't cuss frequently. All of the smartest people I know almost never cuss. Cussing is a pointless, stupid thing to do, and has no point. Statistics actually do show that people with lower IQs cuss much more than those with higher IQs. Smarter people can find other productive ways to show their feeling and let out anger, instead of acting like trash and saying the f word after every word.

  • They lack a respectable vocabulary, they use a curse word because they lack the intelligence to think quickly and form a valid point.

    Those who read more than the average citizen, gain a wider variety of words and therefore improve their vocabulary and memory. All of this supports growth of intelligence. Those who frequently curse do so because a)They are unable to process info and form words and thoughts quickly, or b) They are not well read or well educated with language and words, therefore they use cliche curses because they lack the vocabulary to find another word to replace a curse word.

  • Often, not always.

    I hate elitism and snobbery, but I've got to admit that people who are uneducated curse more often. I think it is part cultural, part vocabulary. Cursing can also be seen as compensation for ignorance. "I can't understand/don't care/tired of this". I don't know. I personally think cursing should be reserved for moments that demand a shock. If you curse all the time the impact is reduced.

  • Why even bother?

    There are so many better ways to express yourself than using crude, vile language. Intelligent people can express themselves without swearing up a storm. Cursing is vile and unnecessary in day to day life. Intelligent people know this and surround themselves without intellectually stimulating people. I find I can express myself well without cursing, so why bother?

  • I am smart and I don't swear, at all.

    I am pure. I am a vegan, I don't swear, drink pop or coffee, drink or smoke or do drugs, I also don't partake in sexual activity. I am highly intelligent and all of that proves it. Generally speaking, smart people swear less or don't swear at all. Stupid people usually swear a lot. Like my brother....Or my whole family for that matter.

  • I am smart and I don't swear, at all.

    I am pure. I am a vegan, I don't swear, drink pop or coffee, drink or smoke or do drugs, I also don't partake in sexual activity. I am highly intelligent and all of that proves it. Generally speaking, smart people swear less or don't swear at all. Stupid people usually swear a lot. Like my brother....Or my whole family for that matter.

  • Most likely! 😈

    People who cuss most likely are less smart than intelligent people. The reason why is because they don't really have any good Ideas for insults! When they think of something to say, they might think of a cuss word right at that moment, which is not as smart. Next time, think before you speak.

  • Only self-aggrandizing intelligent people are less prone to cussing

    There are both intelligent and non-intelligent people who choose to curse, and those who do not. The only ways I could see intelligence having something to do with the frequency would be in a matter of self control or vocabulary.

    Self control doesn't naturally come with intelligence. I could give examples, but I'm sure everyone has met people who think they are smarter than others and blow up when people are too stupid to agree with their superior opinions. If you havent yet, click around the forums. Self control can come from any number of places, so an unintelligent person is just as capable of stopping himself from using curse words as anyone else.

    Having a large vocabulary is nice, of course, but it doesn't change the fact that cursing, while considered distasteful to some people, is very effective at making a point. Only someone who felt that he or she needed to constantly display his intelligence would load his sentences with words too big to understand by most people. If you say big words and the people you are talking too don't get what you mean, you've failed at the basic point of communication, and any idiot could probably do better. A truly intelligent person would use exactly the words needed to get his point across, and if a word most people associate with strong emotion and shock value is what he's feeling, thats what he'll say.

  • Yes and no

    I think it really just depends, some people are capable of being intelligent and swearing. I think it depends on the upbringing of the person, and it also depends on the topic at hand, some people may not be all that great in terms of politics or history but they may know how to repair a car blindfolded. I don't think swearing is a sign of lack of intelligence, while I do think it's a sign of immaturity, I don't think it's directly linked to intelligence. Personally I like to swear whenever I'm goofing around with my friends, and every now and then when I'm just talking normally with people, and I consider myself to be at least average human intelligence.

  • Depends what you mean.

    I don't think there is a causal relationship between lack of intelligence and frequent swearing, but I think there is probably a correlative one. If I may make some massive generalisations: people from poorer backgrounds tend to be less educated, and people from poor backgrounds tend to swear more. I see no reason to think it is causal though.

  • Everyone has different different forms of intelligence

    There is something called the multiple intelligence theory which states there are different intellegences, and besides i know a lot of people who cuss a lot and are as sharp as a knife. We cant define a persons intelligence by a few words, everyone has their own skills and assets. So in conclusion i believe no.

  • No has nothing to do with it

    Cursing and I know we all do it comes naturally with frustration. When you pissed off do you talk polite, well you try but the cuss words come out from anger. It's a temper relief for the individual, and I seen my professors curse in the middle of lecture. Intelligent has nothing to do with cursing.

  • Get off your high horse!!!

    I have 2 engineering titles (chemical, industrial) and finishing third computer engineering. I speak four langue’s. Hell I even play chess with grand masters and occasionally win. I’m from a well-bred respectable family. And I curse like there’s no tomorrow. Swearing has nothing to do with people Intelligence or surroundings. Nor that they don’t have wide vocabulary. Some people cuss because it’s normal to them. The people saying yes, you’re just describing proper etiquette nothing to do with your intelligence, morals or social class. You look at swear words like a taboo. There just another word. You give it the power to offend!!

  • Nothing to do with intelligence!

    Swearing has nothing to do with intelligence. I have never seen anything scientific stating otherwise, therefore anyone saying only unintelligent people swear are only giving biased opinions. I have an IQ of 110 and I curse every day often. This is mostly to help relieve stress and anxiety, which is just one of many reasons human beings curse. In an article I read called 'The Science of Swearing' this is what they had to say as to why people tend to swear, and intelligence is never mentioned:
    "Swear words can achieve a number of outcomes, as when used positively for joking or storytelling, stress management, fitting in with the crowd, or as a substitute for physical aggression. Recent work by Stephens et al. Even shows that swearing is associated with enhanced pain tolerance. This finding suggests swearing has a cathartic effect, which many of us may have personally experienced in frustration or in response to pain. Despite this empirical evidence, the positive consequences of swearing are commonly disregarded in the media."

  • I don't buy it!!! Being overly concerned with how others perceive your vocabulary in it self says you are attempting to be deceptive!!!....

    To even say that you "know" people are less intelligent than your self is just foolish, self righteous and a pathetic attempt to build yourself up. If thats the case and were gonna make idiotic blanket statement why not say that people that don't cuss think there better than the next, self righteous and deceptive.
    People cuss for a multitude of reasons. Could be anger, to build rapport, for contextual effect who knows!!! But to say people of lesser intelligence cuss more is absurd.

  • Correlation is not causation.

    To say those who cuss are less intelligent than those who don't is about as flawed as those who say "those who believe in god are less intelligent.

    The same fallacy falls with those who say smarter kids often are raised in nicer (more affluent) homes. Intelligence and education do not go hand in hand.

  • How is even a question?

    I'm a University student studying to be a doctor and I find this question to be utterly ridiculous. First off the bat; I have an IQ over 120, do with that what you will. I swear like a sailor. I drop F Bombs and C Bombs literally every second sentence. Does this magically shave off a certain amount of IQ points? No. And the argument about smaller vocabularies is bollocks as well. I don't particularly like to brag but my vocabulary is very expansive. It's a social thing. If you grow up in an up-tight house with censorship-loving parents then you are inherently more likely to avoid swearing in later life. If you grow up with decent parents who instill good morals but aren't obsessed with those spooky, spooky swears, you will be more likely to swear. Or maybe if you just grow up in a trashy household where the parents are always fighting. Either way it has nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with social upbringing. Studies suggest that people who swear often are much more likely to be truthful, do with that informational tid-bit what you will.

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