• Vampires do Sexsist:

    I watched Twilight once. I was a Belieber. There is a lot of evidence like people from centuries ago who were shown to be victims of a plague craving blood and people from the modern internet who hang out in forums (teenagers no less) declaring their undying thirst for blood and the sanguine ... Who grow out of it. It's there though.

  • I believe in vampires?

    I believe vampires do exist because I was brought up to believe in most supernatural creatures but also as there is so many legends, stories and films about them. However, I would love to hear your opinion on the matter so please comment and if you are also a believer please befriend me.
    Thank you

  • Yes they do exist

    I believe that if there is a devil there are vampires because the devil created them. Because humans can't create them and God could not create so the only choice left is the devil. God only creates good things not bad things that would scare or kill people. That's is my opinion.

  • It is biologically impossible

    It is impossible to believe that there are humanoids that drink human blood. It is too mythological, and biologically impossible. How can a primate drink blood without dying or getting very sick? So, in conclusion, vampires are just myths and nothing else at all. We need energy from food, not blood, to survive. Plus, no one can live forever(except for a species of jellyfish, but the reason it can 'live forever' is because it rebirths itself. It starts another life after the other life's death). That will never change.

  • No evidence supporting

    For years, there have only been myths and tales of vampires. Even with superior technology nowadays, there has been no solid evidence of the existence of vampires; no video footage, photo, or otherwise.

    Vampires are portrayed to be deathly pale, suck blood, have extremely black hair, afraid or garlic/holy objects etc. These "features" all seem to be fictional. There is no scientific explanation as to how a creature/being can be extremely disgusted by garlic, so much that they turn and get away as fast as they can. We're not talking about an individual case here, but rather a pandemic and fear of a whole "species".

    There has been no record of vampires throughout history. There is no proof that vampires exist. Thus, I believe vampires to be fictional characters.

  • No that's wrong

    There's no kind of evidence to suggest vampires as we know them in myths really exist, and if they did, I highly doubt they'd of died off so easily. If they were anything like they're portrayed in books, or any form of media for that matter. The stories they're in are mostly fiction.

  • No evidence for pro.

    I stand with my prior belief and knowledge that vampires are made up in the minds of the devious along with every other fairy tale they choose to believe in. Many people might actually believe it, but when asked how or why they do, the answer is always something completely flawed. The only compelling argument is the comment from BlackKid, and that's the sarcastic comment founded in verisimilitude when compared to the rest. "I believe in vampires because devils," and "I was raised to believe in the supernatural," are not arguments. They are statements about your lack of education and the ability to think for yourself.

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