• Yes, they do sometimes.

    You guys all talk about engaging your brain on video games, which is true, but youre leaving out the part about radiation. If you play video games on a plugged in, no Wi-fi or wireless controller, youre fine. However, cellular devices and video games can cause brain cells to be damaged or killed. Another thing about video games is that if you take an MRI of a brain while playing video games, the only stimulated part of the brain is the part of it used for addiction and drug use, you can look it up if you don't believe me. That is why video games are so addicting. They aren't just fun, but they control you. Sorry to be kind of the party pooper, but I am just trying to get out what I know. Thank you.

  • Video games do kill brain cells.

    This is very simple. Brain cells deteriorate (die) at the rate of roughly 9,000 every day. No matter what you do your brain cells will always die, and this includes playing video games. Although they are not directly correlated, playing a video game will result in dead brain cells, but so will playing baseball, football, running, skydiving, or sleeping.

  • No, video games have been proven to help people think more intelligently.

    I, myself as a gamer, believe that video game actually help me became more successful in my own career. Specifically strategy based game such as star craft or dota are very hardcore based game that requires individual to constantly think of strategies on how to defeat their opponents during the game. This helps people improve critical thinking not in an academic sense, but in a "life" sense if you would call it. People often learn how to play mind games with others, or develop faster reaction times.

  • they just influence people

    Video-games dont kill brain-cells and some actually cause your brain to do a little extra work. Some people, however, might be influenced by the game though. It is nice if you dont spend all day on the game, but these games can help drive a person's determination and strategy. Q

  • If anything, they help.

    Videogames, while most consider them a vulgar part of popular culture, are works of art and can be used to help people learn things like problem-solving, puzzle-solving, strategics, and working for what you want. For example, Pokemon can help children learn to create strategies in battles, or be patient.

    In fact, videogames such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band can help those who have bad hand-eye coordination, and improve their skills. The story, character development, graphics, and even the music in videogames can also be appreciated by its audience.

    While some videogames aren't always like this, they certainly do not kill brain cells while being engaged with. In fact, due to the interactive properties of videogames, they most likely help brain cells develop.

  • They don't kill brain cells.

    Video games don't brainwash people or make them do bad things. They don't kill brain cells. What they may do is kill a little common sense. If could even cause you to fail an up coming test because you don't study, but games are not a drug. They can't destroy something that is already there.``

  • I don't believe so.

    Video games, while they look to people who aren't playing them to be mindless, actually engage the brain, and it seems anyone who plays them wants to excel at them and eventually does, which requires additional brain activity, so while the games may exercise limited parts of the brain, I don't believe they kill brain cells.

  • I wouldn't think so

    I would have to Say no, but it depends what type of game it is. There are games where I would see why people think it's not good for you, but my friend is currently in seventh grade and is in high school level algebra. He plays call of duty, minecraft, and grand theft auto. I wouldn't make a hasty generalization on just this one review, but at least let help in your opinion on the argument. And yes, I looked on both sides of the argument before coming to my conclusion. All in all, I believe that my answer is no, but I'm always acknowledging the fact that there is a possibility.

  • Video games actively created brain cells

    Video games can be a very brain intensive activity. Any activity creates new connections in the brain. Video gaming, with all it's planning and tasks must create many new brain cells and accesses multiple parts of the brain at the same time. I suppose it's all what you take away from the experience that leads you to believe your smarter or dumber as a result.

  • Not all games

    I believe that some games can help you learn new things such as puzzle games, help you figure out new ways to solve the problem. Also you can often apply this method in real life when you have to improvise on a failing idea or plan. Then again others can teach violence but that is why on the case it says m for mature or t for teens so you know if you are responsible and mature enough to handle it correctly

  • No not at all

    I'm a gamer myself and coming personally from a straight A student I can tell that hulking out on video games does not kill brain cells, just as much as pop rocks and soda make you explode. Now yes In some cases people lose touch with reality, but were they not already gone in the first place. Think about it, how can any sane person justify car jacking or hooker murdering as sane( grand theft auto series, which I my belief causes the most nut cases). I'm a gamer and I say no.

  • No and never

    I mean why would looking at a screen kill your brain cells i mean what the heck its just like watching TV
    and when you watch TV it doesn't kill your brain cells thats the dumbest question I'D ever heard it's just soooo stupid and pressing buttons do like nothing

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