• I does need skill

    There are competitive games like counter strike global offensive what people are referring to when a game takes no skill are casual and social games there are many games that are competitive ex.Call of duty,Arma 3,battlefield series ETC. It needs skill for example controlling recoil,aiming correctly,and hearing the enemy's footsteps

  • It's a lot more than merely pressing some buttons...

    The definition of skill is to do something well. It can be said playing piano is merely pressing some keys with your fingers. Snooker is just hitting some balls with a long stick. Golf is just hitting a ball with a stick. But that's not the case; There is much more to these things than what's on the surface. Yes, on the surface video games are basic and require no skill, but the same can be said for literally anything. I am fully aware how hard it is to play piano, to drive, etc, but on the surface it appears it takes no skill, just like video games.

    Anybody can press keys on a piano, but it requires intimate knowledge of several other important things to play it WELL. A professional piano player has a lot more skill than a new piano player because they can play it better, and the definition of skill is to do something well. The better you can do something, the more skill you have in said thing. Whilst you may be able to Battlefield, anyone from Fnatic would easily beat you in a 1v1 because they have more skill than you, they can play the game better. They have intimate knowledge of gun recoil, what attachments to put on guns to get the best out of them, what guns are best to use for certain maps, and many other things that mean that they can play the game much better than you and thus have more skill than you.

    Let's say you were a professional piano player, and I am learning how to play. You would have intimate knowledge of how to play the piano properly and well, whereas I would only have basic knowledge. Sure, we can both press the keys on the piano in patterns, but does that mean we have equal skill? Does it mean playing the piano requires no skill? No. The exact same applies to video games.

    If you insist on using the "lazy gamers" argument again, the same can be said for piano, Snooker and pretty much every activity that requires little to no physical exertion what so ever and yet I'm pretty sure you'll insist that those require skill, and much more skill than that of video games which is rather hypocritical when you think about it.

    So before you start recycling the same old argument, engage your brain and think for a second.

  • If you actually tried playing a video game you would know.

    Maybe it takes no skill to move a joystick or mouse or push some buttons, but video games are not just mindlessly doing actions. Most video games require a certain skill such as reaction time and or strategy. Anyone who has ever played a video game knows what I'm talking about.

  • It's not luck

    Below are just some skills used in video games:


    If no skill was needed in games such as street fighter and mortal kombat, then someone who presses random buttons would have an equal chance of winning against someone who chooses to use particular attacks at certain times etc.

  • You gotta play the game to know

    For example in a game called Rainbow Six Siege ir requires the best reaction time you can have. In 0.3 ms you can get instantly headshotted which means you get killed immediately. It’s not about pressing button it’s also about planning what you will do next. I no different from any sport you play.

  • They take little to no skill.

    Video games take no skill. Thats why they are video games. If they actually required skill people would get frustrated and quit. Also there is absolutely no skill in moving your thumbs or pointer finger on a controller or mouse. The day we start thinking that's skill will be a sad day indeed. Feel free to challenge me on this.

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