• They have the ability to create psychopaths

    Excessive game play with violent content will result in creating psychopaths. They have a possibility of increasing the lust for power and murder. So we will have lots of Hitlers roaming around hoping to take over one day! Violent video games are said to suppress emotions, and harm the part of the brain that controls emotions like empathy.
    Not having empathy is one of the qualities of psychopaths. So clearly, violent content could damage the brain turning anyone into a psychopath.

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  • No they do not.

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  • Violent video games do not create phychopaths

    Most of the arguments that are saying violent video games are bad say that it corrupts kids minds. There is no actual evidence saying that it does this. I mean, I play games a lot and i don't go out on the streets with my dads guns and shoot people!

  • There is a difference between a virtual fighter and a murderer.

    Role-playing games such as Skyrim, Oblivion, and the Fable Trilogy have moral choices that have different pros and cons. The majority of players do "good" actions, such as funding an orphanage, saving a kidnapped child, and so on. Even the players who choose "evil" choices feel bad afterwards. It isn't a strong guilt like when lying to a loved one about a serious situation, but it actually enforces moral codes better. Liars would continue lying in real life, but virtual liars tell the truth more. Shooting games such as COD are violent, but they are stress relievers for many, and innocent fun for most. Any psychopath that kills and happens to play video games would have killed regardless of whether or not they played.

  • Video games don't alter a person's brain.

    A psychopath is literally incapable, due to differences in their brain, of feeling guilt or empathy. They're born, not created. A sociopath on the other hand is, like a psychopath, anti-social - but this is most likely to be due to childhood abuse or neglect.
    Video games are probably good, because they can serve as an outlet for any violent fantasies that a more "normal" person may have. They also help to form a sort of fantasy world that people with something like schizoid personality, or aspergers, can escape to - and I believe that more money should be invested in this, and videogames should be allowed to become even more violent.

  • No violent video games do not creat psychopaths.

    Violent video games do not create psychopaths. In fact video games can help people become more creative, faster strategies, and teach people how to make multiple choices and think of the outcome at better rates then non video game players. The skills gained from video gaming outweigh the insane idea that it creates psychopaths and is just a escape-goat people use to not have to take responsibility for their actions.

  • Video games do not create psychopaths

    Psychopaths have been around way before television. There will always be people who can't differentiate between reality and fantasy. If there not killing because of games, there killing because of movies, books, beliefs, etc. There have always been psychopaths, such as Jack the ripper, Thomas Cream, and Cordelia Botkin, who were around way before video games, let alone television, was a thing. Regardless, if left with nukes, or nothing but sticks and stones, people will always kill people, it is something that will always come up. Lastly, I wish to point out that there are movies, let alone books, much more violent than any game I've ever played.

  • Video Games are Video Games

    Video games do not create psychopaths. People with mental problems and other issues surrounding their past, especially during their adolescent years, are the people who become psychopaths. There is no evidence to support video games, morphing people into anything different than what they would have been without the video games.

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