• Yes, we do.

    I believe we have free will. We make our own decisions at times pay the price for them, other times get something amazing out of it. Each person chooses and thinks differently which is what makes the world so incredible. Every single person has free will and expresses it in their personality.

  • Humans Absolutely Have Free Will

    In all honesty, humans do have free will and can do whatever they'd like. Society places restrictions and regulations on free will, but a person can still do whatever they want, if they're willing to pay the consequences. Absolute free will in civilized society can be a dangerous thing, but personal freedom is alive and well in the United States in most facets of life.

  • What is free will?

    We are free to choose within the perimeters of what is presented, the illusion of free will is what we truly posses. Why is it in our nature to seek repetition? It's safe, finding a routine that works gives a sense of security. Why are we satisfied in this loop, playing the same track over and over? I don't think we are. Why do we try kidding ourselves, thinking what we do is worth while? We bombard our existence with petty dillusions of self worth, ultimately creating for ourselves, a false sense of purpose. Do we do this out of fear? Fear of what? The unknown? Who wouldn't be afraid? Facing the unknown is an intimidating task, and perhaps this fear is what trumps our urge to push the bounds of our own limitations. Now that these questions have been asked are you still satisfied with your plight? If so, perhaps you don't deserve free will. The fact that we can acknowledge these troubling circumstances and go about our pathetic existence proves just that.

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