• This all depends on what your definition of moral is.

    I firmly believe that the Bible is filled with all authority pertaining to morality and that we should all follow it. Most people say you don't need a book or God to teach morality, but this is just false. Without one God in charge to make the rules, humans would make the rules. Needless to say, humans aren't the best people at confirming right and wrong. If we had our way rape, murder, and stealing would have been acceptable from the beginning. Who will you trust with right and wrong. Holy God or corrupt men?

  • We do not need Christianity to be moral.

    There are plenty of people whom don't believe in God, yet they lead good and honest lives. If you don't believe in God, you don't believe in heaven or hell, so they don't care what they do in life. I know many people who are Christians and they break laws, lie, cheat, steal and commit adultery and then go to "confession."

  • No, absolutely not.

    No, I do not think that we need Christianity to be moral. I consider myself to be a moral person and I am not affiliated with any religion. I think that a person can be any type of religion (or no religion at all) and this does not necessarily determine whether or not they are moral.

  • No, we don't

    No, I would have to disagree that Christianity is the only source of morality. We can look to other religions to be "moral," or we can adhere to our own ethics and values to be whatever we consider as "moral." Being moral is a little bit of a subjective and abstract thing. We do not need Christianity to be moral.

  • No we do not need Christianity to be moral

    People have been moral long before Christianity came along. The Greeks, Romans and many other pre-christian civilizations and peoples were far more morally superior than even some of us today for example the Romans and especially the Greeks were very open and accepting of homosexuality. By saying we need Christianity to be moral it is pretty much the same as saying that we can't be moral by being a Muslim or a Buddhist or a Hindu, which is nonsense in fact Christianity sometimes causes people to be immoral by saying that its not right to kill another human being except (there are far too many buts and contradictions in the bible) when its in the name of god. It's just a thought, but whens the last time anyone heard of a war being fought by Buddhists in the name of Buddha? The Bible and therefore Christianity also says it's wrong to work on a Sunday, eat lobster and allow women to speak in the house of god. I'm sorry but it's absurd to suggest that we need Christianity in order to be moral. We are far better off thinking for ourselves, using common sense and logic to be moral rather than listening to 50 year old virgins preaching and telling us what to do and when to do it, or reading an old unreliable book that we know very little about and surprisingly very little about the people who wrote and compiled it. So to conclude we can be good without Christianity (and god).

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