• Who else will kill the big bugs????

    Men are delicious and hairy and pushable and hairy and good for taking out the trash and pushing cars and hairy and good for opening jars and hairy and easy to lean on and good for turning wrenches and yelling at mechanics and eating cookies and working that darned remote control

  • Um... Well... Duh!

    My reply is as simple as this; reproduction. If we didn't have men then our race would very quickly die out. Also, that is really sexist. I personally am a female, but I am not so narrow-minded as to think that men are not needed in our life. They do jobs that no women wants to do, protect us like we aren't able, and love us more than we could possibly love ourselves.

  • Men is a requirement for life

    Of course men are still important. You need a guy to do it with a girl in order for the human race to survive and thrive. It would make them instinct. Although this is pretty sexist, men have made a lot of contributions to the human race and its survival.

  • Of course we need a men!

    Men is a person who will protect us. Like, if there's a war, who will fights? Men. And who has a duty to get and find a job? Men. I mean, yes, women could work too. But some jobs are not suitable for woman. Like builder. Women will not pick up cements and build a house right? So, yes, we DO need a men.

  • Absolutely! Save The Males!

    Do we need men, anymore? Duh. Procreation alone demands male involvement, even if it's just to donate the sperm! Men offer a different perspective. They think differently than women. That's not a bad thing. Sometimes, it takes a different approach to grasp the situation and find a solution. I'm not saying women aren't as smart as men ... WE ARE! But if we think we don't need men, well, we are guilty of thinking like those mad men of 40+ years ago. You know, the "Old Boy's Club". They didn't think women were really needed outside of the home. They were gender biased, whether they realized it or not. Is there a woman out there who wants to be guilty of that backward thinking?

    On a more personal note ... I love men. I've been blessed with several wonderful men, in my life. My Dad was a jewel. My uncles were fun and wonderful. My husband has been the BEST and we've been married 31 years! And my son ... Wow! He gives me a close-up view of the modern male and it's great!

    I never had a lousy male boss. Some were better than others, but all were good and conducted themselves ethically. The only time I ever suffered harassment was from a female boss -- repeatedly. She chased me down office halls like a nut-case. She screamed at everyone. She left insulting notes. She even made a few sexually inappropriate remarks to me, other female employees and a couple of the male employees. The company didn't like it, but they didn't seem to know what to do with her either. They lost many good employees, as a result. Then, I heard, they got smacked with a lawsuit. That finally ended her reign of terror!

    Some women are good leaders. Some are not. The same holds true for men. Some women are too emotional to be in-charge. Some men are overbearing. Still ... Our society benefits from both genders. When we work together, we achieve more. We learn more. No single gender can provide the same benefits, skill-set, knowledge, leadership, etc. It really does take two! Diversity is more than the color of skin!

  • Wn Is a huge moron for asking this.

    Of course the world needs men. Women have gotten really over the top with feminism these days, and I'm all for gender equality or whatever, but now a lot of women think they're better than men. Even on TV, it's women who always have the smart and funny lines, and to be honest, men contribute just as much to the world as women do. It's obvious that wn is a woman, and she's just mad at a guy or something. It's obvious all the people who clicked no are women, and SitaraPorDios is right. If someone asked this question about women, there would be a huge uproar.

    My point is, women, cut it out with all the "girls rule" and "boys are so stupid." Some of you feminists get so worked up about how their's never been a woman president and there have been in other countries. It will happen in the US one day. Some women have gotten so egotistical about their gender these days.

  • This question is sexist.

    All Hades would break loose if someone asked that about women, so why show sexism towards men? The human race would not survive if either biological sex died off. I said hip hop, hippy to the hip hop, you don't stop, rock it to the bang bang boogey, up jump the beat.

  • People i know this is the internet ?

    Can you tell me of an species that survived with out the other sex, but sperm can be made with out men the thing is this trying to copy that took who knows how many millenniums get to this stage it is at now, it is noting you can just copy over a few years and simply just update now and again but if you are dead set on this then think of this as well test-tube baby's.

  • This is stupid

    This is an incredibly dumb question. If you're asking whether we need men to exist, yes we do. If you're talking about a woman supporting herself without man, then yes, some women don't need men. But some women do rely on men to support them- it's not sexist, it's the truth. In society we need both men and women. While there are many in each group who do not need the other group, there are still many who do rely on each other.

  • Yes, we need men.

    Men are necessary for all of the heavy lifting. They are also necessary as because they are able to take emotions out of a decision and be more rational. Men are needed because women have a hard time communicating with each other due to petty disagreements. Men help to fill in this gap.

  • Nah, you really dont

    When was the last time a guy actually did anything important? A man hasnt found a new cure for a debilitating disease in a while, a man hasnt hit a woman's G-spot since 1942, A man hasnt done anything without having to be nagged to do it four additional times, and a man hasnt wiped the semen off the bathroom seat in 15 years now. There really isnt an argument for men to stick around other then that whole 'survival of the human race' thing.

  • Women should stand up

    We don't need men cause women's can run the world. They have the same rights have been brought to this world in the same position and cycle and should be treated evenly. Its not like we get rid of men but we want women standing up and we need the men to support them to stand up.

  • In a little while, they won't be

    We can already make baby mice from an egg and a "sperm" created from a skin cell, and those baby mice can survive to adulthood and reproduce themselves. So given access to laboratory technology, in the near future we will be able successfully to fertilize eggs without sperm from a man.

    As far as the heavy lifting, the protecting and all that jazz: in tribal cultures, women lift and carry heavy things all day long. Women can be warriors -- even the ancient Greeks knew that. Everything else is just culturally-influenced gender roles

    So except for sexual pleasure for heterosexual women, the male of the species seems to be rapidly approaching redundancy.

  • They're just kids, who needs another kid?

    I can do everything myself and I see no need at all to have a man in my life, there's nothing they can do for me but play with my headspace, I'll go it alone, thank you, no-one to argue with, and I'm quite happy like that. I dont need another child, mine have left the nest, why on earth would I want another child in my home at my age? Sorry, I cant see any reason at all.

  • Not complete termination, just a reduction

    The Y chromosome is deteriorating anyway, on a small scale, men are helpful but on a larger scale they have only oppressed women since the dawn of time to the point of dehumanization. Men have destroyed the oceans, the forests and have created institutions that have ruined thousands of generations' lives. As animal scientists for National Geographic have concluded about some gorilla/ monkey species in Africa, the human species could prosper more if there were less males in the population. How to achieve this....I couldn't tell you.

  • We don't need men even for procreation purposes

    A research at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Genetics in Los Angeles found a way for women to have children without needing sperm from men. It tricks the egg into thinking that it is fertilized and develops into an embryo. Children born in this method are 100% guaranteed to be female. Obviously, this has not passed clinical testing due to ethics - just throwing this out there since many people seek to believe that males are still needed for reproductive purposes.

  • Men are more of an accessory to life , not a need

    We all agree that with advances in science they are not needed for reproduction. In cave man times men certainly were needed for protection, as providers and as leaders and major decision makers. The world today is different - when was he last time any of you ladies was protected by man ? How many of you earn as much or more than your husbands and are the main provider in the household ? As far as decision making men today are emotionally stunted and behave more like large children - and therefore are generally the less logical or practical descion makers in the house . As far as the comments about men doing the "heavy lifting" or killing bugs or whatever most men today are lazy, overweight , and scared or the same things women are. Those extra large egos have gotten in the way of them evolving into a new usefulness to women as women's roles have changed and now they have become more of an accessory to a woman's life but are not truly needed. Socially women are accepted better when they are part of a couple ; having a man means you have a reliable source of disease free sex , and let's face it two incomes are better than one . But again these are not NEEDS .

  • No, We don't need men

    Its already been scientifically proven that we dont need men anymore. Scientists have found a way to artificially fertillize eggs so we dont need men for reproduction anymore. Women also are naturally stonger built than men. We live longer, we go through the pain of childbirth and are much tougher in alot more ways. We also already have had a hard time in the past with gender equality problems so why shouldn't women have their turn as being the upper gender? We deserve it.

  • We need them from an emotional perspective, but we no longer need them from a scientific perspective.

    We know how to artificially fertilize eggs. The human race can go on without them. I don't want it to, of course. I'm a girl, but that would suck. We are all really the same. I love my brother and my dad. We need them from an emotional perspective, just not a scientific perspective.

  • Men are totally overrated

    Men want too much in one woman: look good, cook, don't smoke, don't act emotional, get some money, be confident. Men appreciate perfection.
    Women don't need perfection, they need men to feel safe and secure. Modern men make women feel completely the opposite.
    Women want orgasm, at 80% cases men can't deliver it.
    Duh, men are only good for the "married'' status.

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THZX says2013-09-04T02:43:37.970
Why the hell did we even ask this question??? What the crappola? Almost all species have males and females ( I do't know about deep sea creatures though, they scare the shiz out of me).