Do we need stricter guidelines on becoming a foster parent?

  • They deserve to be loved

    There are many things that we cant control, but there are some that we can, and i believe ensuring children who are forced into a life like this because of CPS, or whatever reason, deserve to feel loved, and safety. There are to many people who can pretend, and not very much proof.

  • Background checks and the laws now are not enough.

    As a child that was in foster care at the age of three until the age of seven, just because there are certain laws does not mean that the foster parents will follow them. For example, my sister was beat by one of their biological children for asking one question.

  • Its not about the money

    These children need to be in loving and caring homes, not with people who just want some extra change in their pocket. The people who are applying to be foster parents need to be evaluated to insure that they are mentally able to support the children that they will be caring for

  • Don't make it more difficult

    We need good foster parents. While the process of becoming one should not be made too long and too difficult, we do need to make sure that people who are allowed to take care of foster children are the best ones. There should be no chance of abuse. There should be no hidden motives like doing this for the money.

  • Yes, we do.

    We need much more strict guidelines on becoming a foster parent, because too often, the people who get these children are not equipped to raise them well enough. Or they're abusive. Now, most are not abusive, so don't get me wrong. Usually it's just a case of not being prepared.

  • Yes, becoming a foster parent should have extremely strict guidlines

    Foster parents are caring for the most vulnerable children in society. We should do everything possible to make sure they are going to care for the children properly. There should be extensive background checks, pysch evaluations, home visits and training. Then, once the children are placed, there should be weekly, surprise follow up visits to make sure the children aren't being abused.

  • The kids are too important

    While it is a worthy goal to place as many foster children in real homes as possible, when it poses a risk to the child it simply is not worth it. Foster parents are taking on a major responsibility and obligation, and extensive work should be done to ensure the child is cared for.

  • No, the guidelines for becoming a foster parent are fine.

    I think that the current guidelines we have for people to become a foster parent are fine as they are. I do not see too many cases where the guidelines for becoming a foster parent have caused a lot of problems or become an issue with a lot of children.

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