• Yes of course

    We do need to have talent to draw or to paint. Not everyone have a talent to draw or to paint. In my class only two or three students including me can draw/paint well. Edgar Degas said that "Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do." I think to be an professional artist, we need to have artistic talent, and without talent in art you can't become an successful artist.

  • Nope. Do what you want.

    Do whatever makes you happy, even if that is producing terrible art. In the same way that you can badly sing in the shower till your heart's content, you can scribble blindly on a piece of paper all you want. You can even make some money off it, just ask modern artists.

  • No we do not

    We like to look at art but it is not a necessity for us to have the ability to create art of our own. Others create art to make a statement about life or something that can make us feel, but we do not need this ability to draw or paint.

  • It's not necessary

    You do not need talent to draw or paint as long as you think it looks good and you believe in you work. Anybody can draw even if your not good at it because when you are drawing or painting you are showing how you feel in the way of art and picture. Everybody has different talents so you might not be good at drawing or painting but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

  • No we don't.

    We as people don't need any type of talent to draw. Some people like to just free hand and that calms them. For me just being able to color in a coloring book calms me because I don't have to worry about how everything looks. I know I don't have talent for art, but drawing, coloring, and painting soothes me.

  • I say no talent.

    I think as kids when we all draw we start off around the same level. Stick figures and what not. But its practice and being creative. Kandinsky drew a lot of paintings that were just shapes, but then you have some people who are great at photo-realism where its essentially copying life. So some people might have a talent of copying, some people might just be creative and some people just have a beautiful vision of colour combinations.

    Posted by: sj91
  • There is no "Good At Art"

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some famous artists, such as Monet and Vincet Van Gogh were thought of as horrendous artists when they were alive. It all depends on many things! If someone likes a certain artists art, that doesn't make them good, and vice versa. In my opinion, artistic talent is creativity, it makes me ask questions about the painting, it's something that makes me think or draws me in, but to others, it could be "wow! That painting looks EXACTLY like a picture!" They think it's about how accurate it is to reality. Neither is right, it's all opinion.

    Posted by: 3den
  • Art has not clear gradingsystems

    Georg Baselitz (a german artist) once said it´s better to be not talented to be a good artist, and when you see his pictures you can agree with him. And the understanding of art in art universities is complete diffrent from the subject art in the schoolsystem. And their are also Museums who show pictures of mental disabled people

  • Man draws with his mind, not with his hands.

    If you are familiar with sacred geometry, you might have an idea to what I'm trying to get through to you. Art is a matter of proportion and believe it or not- math. Why do you think professional pieces of artwork seem so aesthetically pleasing? They use The Golden Mean(aka: Golden Ratio, Golden Number, Phi) which help them reach that goal of creating a fine, proportional scene. Those who are said to be born with "talent" is simply just another way to say they desire. The desire to learn more and practice more. But literally anyone can break that wall of 'talent'. How? The principals of art, of course! Some include movement, unity, harmony, variety, balance, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, proportion and pattern. If these principals are put to practice in an efficient way, I guarantee you, your art skills will improve drastically in a matter of 5 days.

  • No, of course not

    But we do have to have some sort of talent in order to be able to sell our piece of art. Even though I sometimes wonder if this is really true in our time and society ;)

    There is no talent needed for putting a paintbrush in your hand and using it to put some colours on a canvas. If the outcome will look good is another question.

  • NO not really

    I say that everything is pretty in it's own way. If you are bad at something, the only way to get better would be to try, try again! If you like to draw/paint but are not good do it anyway because you like to do it! It does not matter if you are bad just try it!

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