• The way to eternal life.

    Yes, we still need religion, because we are still children of God. God is big; we are small. The way to eternal life is through belief on the Lord Jesus Christ. Humans can never eclipse what God has done and is doing. We are the mere mortals. He has something better for us and eternal.

  • Christianity is still wisdom

    Whatever present-day humanists may say, their moral code is grounded in Christianity: there is wisdom in this religion that goes far beyond its concern with the supernatural: it makes us look at ourselves and decide to be kind rather than cruel. It is actually a religion of tolerance but not without judgement. This is important: in a world without judgement we lose our moral compass entirely. This is what is in fact happening in our modern world where we deny Christianity only to follow lesser gods like wealth and materialism. Those things are rife in this supposedly enlightened world and because we have no moral centre we can't even recognise them for what they in fact are. We are a self-serving culture that hides behind the banner of live and let live but only because we can't be bothered to grapple with moral conundrums. Christianity actually encourages one to live one's life with rigour - to be constantly striving towards spiritual and moral perfection. The 'humanist' version is really a lazy version of Christianity without its rigour and commitment to goodness. I don't deny for a moment that Christianity has a whole history of evil deeds behind it an that there are people that use it as an excuse for arrogance. This however, does not degrade the meaning and importance of the system itself. People corrupt every institution but the Christian message goes beyond the individual.

    Finally, I think a moral code without a supernatural element would never have the strength to keep people engaged for very long. This is because, regardless of the advances of science, we are and remain mysterious beings, capable of imagination so intense that it can become spiritual. To deny our imaginative sides is illogical. To deny that our very existence is a riddle would be illogical. To strive constantly beyond what we see towards a greater meaning is to reach levels of profundity that are simply impossible for a person who reduces life only to what they can see. Christianity actually suggests that faith is a progress towards understanding, that it does not provide the answers. Not to believe is to deny an entire dimension to ourselves: it saddens me to see a world so certain of its moral rectitude and yet so blind and so deeply misled.

  • Everyone takes religion to literally

    Whether your an atheist, or a hardcore Muslim, the problem is very clear; religion is taken too literally. Saying there's no proof of religion is like someone telling you "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" and then you go out and interview 100 people who recently received lemons and asking them if they got them from a man named "Life" and if they made lemonade out of it. It's all a misinterpretation of what's being said. Similarly you would not go around telling everyone how they should respect the lemons or die. What's being said in the Bible is really an extremely vague guide on how to live a good and productive life, and though I agree that church services and praying and all that good stuff is somewhat of a waste of time, that doesn't mean that religion should be completely ignored. Without it we probably would not have progressed nearly as far as a race and would have no purpose to celebrate Easter and Christmas which so many people worldwide love. Basically my message is be careful what you wish for, always think outside the box, and don't hate on religion if you don't fully understand it yourself.

  • May not have a purpose at the current point in time, but still necessary

    If you take a look into a history book you will find that religion will actually INCREASE during times of suffering (Black Plague/ Medieval era-dependence on church). While in times of relative peace, in first world countries, religion is declining and being questioned (much like the Renaissance questioning the church when coming out of the dark ages). This would explain why in third-world countries religion is more of a factor in daily lives and first-world counties are having discussions such as this; questioning its need. So as a Catholic, I don't go to church every Sunday, however when times are feeling down, I feel a connection with God. Some people question this, but this is a relationship that can't be found outside of religion. In my opinion its always good to have something too look up to. Not many people are very patriotic lately either, we haven't had a patriotism spike since 9/11. So I enjoy having some guidance other than society, and I agree with all religions. There is no religion that instructs to kill people. People don't see the need now, however IF there is a collapse of society you might look farther into your faith than you would think.

  • More than ever.

    The disintegration of Western society shows that we are in need of Religion. Technical knowledge does not equate to moral action. The power that technology gives us requires even greater morality to handle. Without a higher power we are capable of justifying any action perpetrated on our fellow human beings.

  • Yes, we still need religion.

    I think that while religion isn't needed by a lot of people, it is something that is needed by a lot of people as well. I think that if we were to get rid of religion, there would be a lot of problemss around the world. I think that religion helps some societies.

  • No absolutely not.

    What s the point of anything which does not offer concrete evidence for its existence. I believe its raining outside because I get wet when i walk in it (direct evidence). Religion posits a god yet has no proof for said god. Why would anyone want to believe in something with no facts which could in fact be detrimental to their well being. i.e. apostasy is a death sentence if you are a Muslim.

  • There is no such thing as a 'need'.

    There is no such thing as needs. Everything is a want. Nothing is intrinsically needed. Whatever is 'needed' is for a purpose. Therefore, food is needed for physical health, books are needed for good grades in school, and religion may be needed for your happiness or some other purpose depending on person to person. None of these things 'needed', they are all wanted.

  • It may have been useful in the past but we have outgrown it.

    In a time when people didnt understand many facts of the universe I can see that it would have been useful to have a way to enforce rules and codes of conduct onto much larger groups of people.

    Today we have human rights and better education. Dont get me wrong the systems we have now arent perfect but I think that by clinging to clearly deficiant systems that promote hatered and irrationality we wont be able move forwards.

  • We Never Needed It

    I honestly do feel the human race needed religion. I believe it developed slowly to explain things we were not capable of understanding at the time and it has remained with us since then. Trying to remove religion entirely would simply create mass chaos, so asking if we still "need" religion, seems pointless.

  • No. Religion was never really needed

    When the different religions were created around the world was created it was more or less to create a guideline for rules to be followed and a way to explain how the world works. There was a lack of science and technology. Now we have established governments and science. Religion only causes animosity between factions.

  • Religion is a man made construct that makes lives more miserable instead of better

    Read books like "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins, "The Portable Atheist" by Christopher Hitchens, or "Why I am Not a Christian" by Bertrand Russell if you really want to understand why don't humanity doesn't need religion anymore, and why it is actually a destructive force (ever hear of ISIS?). If these books won't open your eyes, nothing will. That's all I can say. And this is just a very small sampling of what's available out there.

  • It is outdated and Unjust

    Religion was a method to control the people. If you promised money you had to give it to them. If you promised favours you had to follow them. If you promised they wouldn't go to hell then you didn't have to do anything. Why do you think the saying is 'god-fearing' not god-loving. They needed to fear god for the control to work. Peasants would go to war for a mythical being they had never met, spoken-too or seen if they feared it. Now we have media, consumerism and law-enforcement for that. It only sparks conflict between the two methods of control. It is old-fashioned, barbaric and inconvenient to speak lightly.

  • Definitely Not Needed

    Religion has been, is, and will be harmful and counter productive (and incorrect of course). It limits us, taking away thoughts, feelings, logic, unity, love, intelligence, freedom, and time. There is only one benefit to religion: improvement in mental health which would not be needed if there was no religion. People put themselves down because of religion. Morals do not come from religion because in many cases, non believers are more moral than believers. Religion does not help any society, it only hurts them.

  • Because it's Harmful.

    Religion teaches people to believe in something without good reason and promotes gullibility. It turns genuinely smart people into idiots, and causes a division and hatred between people who would otherwise have no other reason to hate each other. Just look back throughout history at all the atrocities committed in the name of religion and heck, just look at the atrocities being committed today by the indoctrinated sheep that follow the vile, disgusting, and degrading "holy books" and scriptures of their religions.

  • Religions need to stop

    Religion of any kind was crated in late BCE to explain how the world was created and why people died and got ill, and how they were cured.
    Now that we know pretty much everything because of science, Religion is no longer needed to be continued or thought to children in school,
    Christianity clashes with modern day society when the Australian politics are debating weather to legalise gay marriage.
    The terrorist attacks are all religious biased.

    Religion is no longer necessary in the modern day society

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