Do whites use the claim of patriotism to cover up their racist feelings?

  • Yes, they are prejuduced against anyone whom they class as non-white, even if they are U.S. citizens.

    White "patriots" view the United States as belonging to the original white settlers and their descendants. They continue to view black people as inferior beings as they consider them to be the descendants of slaves brought over by these settlers. They have little tolerance of citizens originating from other racial backgrounds, especially the Middle East.

  • Yes, sometimes racisism can be hidden in many places, like debate questions!

    Yes, some white people seem to use the claim of patriotism to cover up their racist feelings. Many phrases and statements currently circulating seem to be possible covers for racism. "Make America Great Again" seems like a reference to a time when white males dominated everything. Uproar over athletes and others who don't stand for the national anthem seems to go against the very core of our American beliefs in the right to free speech and pointing out problems in our society. I wonder if there would be the same outrage if a white player refused to stand for the national anthem in order to protest injustice.

  • Yes and it's retarded just like patriotism

    Racism and patriotism go hand in hand, patrioism is dangerous and it should be done away with, patrioism causes one to think the lives of people in their country are magically 10 times more important and others are beneath them, this can easily set up for racism and discrimination .

  • No, they don't, and you are a racist

    Considering that the west in general, the US included, is the most egalitarian society in the world, with the highest reported numbers regarding support for universal equal rights, this is kind of a foolish thought. Especially as a banner statement about an entire race demographic.

    What if someone said 'do blacks use their claims of supposedly rampant racism, under the banner of groups like black lives matter, to cover up their desire to loot and destroy things?'

    Stop judging people based on their colour.

  • Uuuuuh... Do what now?

    Abraham Lincoln: God bless this nation, GOD BLESS IT GOD DAMN IT! Those Damn N*****S AREN'T BLESSING IT! THOSE ******G N*****S!

    Barack Obama: Being half white, I half love this country and therefore Half HATE THOSE *****G ******S! IM SICK OF THE F****** MEXICANS CROSSING MY ******G BRODER!!!

    ....Well said.

  • That's quite the assumption you're making

    The whole appeal of patriotism is that one can celebrate what his/her country is doing and what the country stands for. It's not about racial pride, it's about national pride. Not all whites are racist, you know. Anybody who says racist things or commits racist acts in the name of patriotism, no matter the race if the perpetrator, is doing patriotism wrong.

  • That is absolutely ridiculous.

    If anyone says otherwise, then I really want to see the proven and reliable studies that show that a large majority of whites that feel "patriotic" about their country, the United States of America, use this feeling as a way to mask "racist feelings". Also, since you're saying that only whites are patriotic because they want to cover their racism, then I want to see a study that shows non-whites aren't patriotic to the United States of America.

  • No "whites" do not use the claim of patriotism to cover up racist feelings.

    No whites do not use the claim of patriotism to cover up racist feelings. Patriotism is color blind. You do not have to be a certain color to display patriotism. Patriotism is a love of your country. In the United States, if you love this country, you know throughout history we have been the most open country to immigrants who come here to seek the American Dream.

  • No, it is a matter of an individual

    No, not all whites are racists. Some whites are racists and they don't hide such feelings, even though they probably should. Is is difficult to hide such a thing. if someone is a racist then it is in his personality to behave in a transparent way - it is obvious in every move he makes.

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