Do women have more rights than men in today's society?

  • Yes, they do!

    Feminism tries to get more rights for women today. And they succeeded in that. The problem is they want to turn the tables and to be the more dominant one's. They got rights to vote, to work, to earn but then they still don't want to accept reality - with greater power comes greater responsibility. I don't mean "raising the children, chores" etc. But even with today's women we have to treat them like gentlemen and women don't do their time. No one even questions women.

    I was accused to beat my middle school female friend (she pointed finger on me even though she was not beaten in any form of it, it was just to punish me for not giving her my notebook so she can copy my homework). Anyways, no one ever questioned that (no one still doesn't believes me) and thus I had to beg her for forgiveness in front of everyone for the whole week and I also got my behavior grade lowered for two grades (one more and I would be expelled).

    Posted by: wwmd
  • The draft... Enough said.

    Even though that should be enough said, I will expound more.
    Men are delegated to work the most dangerous and unappealing jobs. Coal miners, garbage collectors, construction workers, agricultural farmers, and other back-breaking, dangerous, and biologically hazardous jobs are all done by men.
    Society expects men to behave in ways that are unequal to women. Ladies before gentlemen has been a standard for all of recorded history... So how is that not preferential to women?
    The draft is the forced conscription (slavery) of men, where they are given guns and forced, at penalty of death, to kill other people. Joseph Kony did this to children in Uganda and there have been several massive social movements, protests, and riots regarding how despicable this is... But so long as the child grows to age 18, has a penis, and the aggressor doing it is the United States federal government, some how the laws of morality change and this is okay.
    When something tragic happens, the media always reports the number dead, and then lists how many of those people were women and children... Because men are disposable. "We lost 300 lives today, but only 12 of them were women, so it's not that bad" is essentially how we are trained to think in this country.

    So yeah... Feminism is idiotic.

  • Men are Screwed!

    No rights when it comes to kids. She can have an abortion, I can't. So I'm the deadbeat dad! Men have no choice. Why does my healthcare cost more than hers? Why does my car insurance cost more than HERS? Why is it easier for HER to get a school grant than me? HA! Why do women get lesser prison time for the same crimes as men? I could go on and on. Whatever woman is running this can check the stats and find all the things I've listed are true, but SHE won't.

  • Contrary to the prevailing dogma, YES

    Women have the legal right to bodily integrity. Men do not. FGM is rightly illegal in the western world. MGM is commonplace, constantly defended by everyone from medical professionals to idiots who prefer a certain aesthetic, and is showing no signs of being banned any time soon. MGM apologists even use the same arguments you find used in Muslim countries that sanction FGM (and MGM, by the way).

    Women have the legal right to opt out of parenthood. They can get abortions, surrender the infant under safe haven, or refuse to name the father and put it up for adoption. The man, on the other hand, is legally bound to financially support the child until it is 18 years old if the woman desires it. Saying "He shouldn't have had sex if he didn't want the responsibility" is no more valid when used against a man as it is for a woman, but society brainwashes us into thinking it's as clear as day.

    Women have the legal right to government entitlements, such as scholarships and grants, as well as quotas, purely because of their gender. Men do not.

    Women have the legal right to vote simply for turning the appropriate age. Men do not, and have never had this right. Men must consent to being subject to conscription before they can vote, and if they refuse, it is a felony. Women have, literally, since they acquired the right to vote, had more of a right to vote than men ever have.

    Women also have the right of being the only gender that can legally be raped. If a woman rapes a man, it is considered sexual assault, a lesser crime with lesser penalties. Legally, a man cannot rape a woman, even though women commit rape at nearly the same rate as men. (see the CDC's Intimate Partner Violence Survey, where they actually classified female on male rape as "other sexual violence," completely skewing the reported rates of rape as being one sided)

    These are just legal rights. There are also many societal biases that favor women, such as overwhelming bias in child/divorce court, reduced sentencing/conviction rates for the same crimes (at a wider margin than the white-black divide), domestic violence laws such as "primary aggressor" which will almost always favor the woman over the man-despite women committing domestic violence at nearly the same rates as men, and all the while popular culture paints them as oppressed victims because they're underrepresented in areas where they have nothing stopping them from acquiring positions in.

  • They do have more rights.

    A man has almost no chance to get custody of his children in the vent of a divorce. They also have no reproductive rights and cannot fight any of this without being called sexist. Finally, men get payed more, but it has been proven that women are less focused on their tasks in a office environment.

  • I would say yes

    I hear on the no side that some woman are still treated bad by men, but i see it today that goes both ways. I also hear that jobs don't give off for pregnancy but yet i thought this was a debate about equal rights, that would be a case of one upping men. In fact most jobs in society are willing to work with woman and there time clock dealing with there pregnancy.

  • Women are NOT more important than is

    They get to abort, free or send babies to haven without notifiing the dad
    but the dads must contact the women And sign papers.
    Also, women can vote without agreeing to die for their ways. You know who does have to agree? Men. All us men. Like wtf dudes. Three more words

  • Yep, socially and politically.

    A lot of the no arguments here are absurd. "Its in the mother's womb!!" That's fine, your body your choice but how does that automatically make the man's choice invalid? Men shouldn't be able to force women to term or force them to have abortions but they also shouldn't be forced into financial obligation. Women work harder than men? Really? Let's see some statistics on how many women work in dangerous conditions compared to men. You get paid for your quality of work a does not care if you have a penis or a vagina they care about money and how much money you make them, your pay is directly related to production. I think there are unfair treatments on both sides legally and socially but in the end women have more rights and advantages than men and less obligations.

  • Men have no right to their own movement.

    End of the day if we get equality through feminism it will still be unequal as men have no right in the current world to fight the inequality they face. Feminism is ok to have but you cant just tackle womans issues and not mens. Give men the right to their own movement tackling their issues. If not your a hypocrite.

  • Just look at the justice system

    Women has to put up a sad story and with 0 evidence the court instantly believes the man is Hitler incarnate, the system is so biased against men it's ridiculous, then come the double standards making shit even worse, the justice system is the biggest joke ''well your honor I'm used to X and Y'' oh well ok the husband must pay X money every month, dafuq kind of shit is that.

    If there is a divorce they AUTOMATICALLY want to place the child with the mother, why? What kind of bs prejudice is that

  • Women do not have more rights. Men do.

    As far as reproductive rights, name one law that denies men the right to his own body? There isn't any. Women commit less crimes so that is why they get convicted less. More women are in jail because of what a man did than men are in jail for what a woman did. Women produce just as much work as men and still get paid less than men. Why because women have kids to take care of and men have very little obligation to children. When men all men 100 percent of men use condoms or get vasectomies and are forced to do so then lets talk. I get tired of a sex who sleeps around and takes no responsibilty complaining about having to pay child support. If you were actually that concerned you would all take care of business and stop producing children which you have no interest in taking care of. You are less responsible. Less men get tested for STD and have more sex with multiple people and yet they act like victims. I work with men and I have yet to see any of them work harder than me or any other woman. We put in 100% and men are flat out liars when they say women are lazier than men and do not put in as much effort. When 100% of you work 100% of the time at work then go home and do 100% of the work with no help from women then we will talk. 100% of you only work 80% at work and 0% at home. Expecting the slave woman to do all the work and take sole care of the kids. They are the only ones responsible for preventing pregnancy. When men have plenty of options and REFUSE to take responsibility.

  • No we don't!! This is bs! Do you see men being raped by women?

    Men dominate this world although I wish it could be equal, it never will. Men are leaders when they take charge; women are "bossy" when they take charge. Women are poorly treated, by being raped and murdered and looked down upon as weak. This generation of women are proud and strong, and I hope we can have more women in congress. There are many more examples: like abortions most of the anti-abortionists are male and 100% of them will never be pregnant! Why do males vote on women healthcare?! How is that just? Wake up America!

  • No, not at all.

    Women do not have more rights in toady's society than men. Despite our ever growing equality, we still are given less benefits in some situations. Some companies are not understand of child birth and the need for time off at all. Also, women, overall, are paid less than men even today.

  • No, it SHOULD be equal!

    Women have a lot less rights than men, women are expected to cook and clean while men go and earn a living, this is what is called sexist. Why can't men do the cooking and the women do the work, this is unacceptable for a woman just like myself. I don't see why women can't play in a football match or golf, where I live they are arguing whether women should be allowed to play golf, please take in my opinion and argument. This is not fair! If you think about it a woman threw herself out in front of a horse and died for WOMENS rights!

  • Seriously just stop!

    First off women get paid less than men in many jobs. Many studies show that when a a man and a women have the same job the women gets paid about 4% less which may not seem like a lot but over time it is. Also when guys say "she can have an abortion but I cant" that is seriously crazy. The child is in the mothers womb it's her body she can decide if she wants to let something that is living in her die. Also if you don't want to be the dad then walk away and also it is your fault that she is pregnant (wear a condom). Also if you see how women suffered in the past you would see that women were put down immensely and still are , like in Canada kidnapping a women over 16 that wasn't a heiress was legal and the penalty for kidnapping a heiress was less than stealing a cow. Also why are men's sports more popular than women's, and why are men athletes more popular? Also when people say when people think of rape why do they think of women? Oh ya because 90% of all rape victims are women also rape is applied to men and women not just women. Also when they say women and children first they say this because children are our future and also a man can impregnate a immense amount of women while a women has to wait 9 months just for 1 baby so without a lot of women our whole world would die. Lastly why is it that in French ( which is very popular) even if there are a billion females and one male you write it as ils rather than elles?

  • Definitely not true!!!!

    People say women are not as athletic and strong as males so they think that they have to give us specialty. No if we tried has hard as males we could do just as great so everything people state is so not true. Yes women do have lots of rights that before we never had but that doesn't state we have more rights. We cant take rights away from males but we cant treat women unfairly either...We should be pain fairly tho

  • Not at all!!!!!!!!

    No body knows how bad it really is. Laws might seem like they give women the upper hand, but do they really? Teachers, who teach all grades, often look for the answer to a question from males rather than females regardless of age. Because they automatically think women can't be as smart as males. This is not true! Most women excel in science and math and work just as hard to get a good job. But, of course, they get much less pay for the same amount of work unlike their male counterparts. In my PE class I get advantages in the game just because I'm a girl and that I won't be as athletic. But I can beat the crap out of anyone in my class regardless of gender. But they still think I'm weak.... I'm sick and tired of it!!!!!!!! There is so much more I can go on about, but then it might as well right a book about it if I continue! Please stand up for women and their rights! I'm in middle school and I'm already aware of this problem!

  • The constitution, and facts, prove it.

    While there are many things that are expected of men, and not of women, legally and constitutionally women have less rights. However it is ridiculous that men are the ones who are supposed to do all of the hard work, and that stereo-typically men are supposed to be the macho ones. It is also stupid that men have no reproductive rights, but it is a somewhat understandable law because it is the women's body. Women however are assumed to be the weaker sex, and are expected to carry children and be the stay at home mom. My point here is is that feminism shouldn't be about getting more rights for women. It should be about creating total equality. Meaning the way both of the sexes are viewed should be equal, as well as the actual legal rights.

  • Look in to it

    Yes it seems that women have certain rights that men do not; however, in reality this is not true.

    Many of you are saying the draft is unfair, but consider that women have not even been allowed to assume combat positions for the majority of American history. Furthermore, women in the military today have much more difficulty assuming high ranking positions. There are also numerous amounts of rape of women on duty that are never brought to justice.

    For those complaining about our reproductive rights understand that many men leave women or will not be an active member in child care. Even though we currently have the right to abort it is a constant struggle to right as society tries to deem it immoral regardless of the fact that the baby might have a worse experience in actual life.

    Women seem to be favored in custody battles primarily because they are the ones who are more likely to seek custody. In a study of 2100 cases where men actually sought custody, 65% were awarded joint custody, 29% received sole custody, and only 7% of women were granted primary custody.

    In the arguments about rape and abuse, 1 in 3 women worldwide will suffer sexual or physical abuse of a man. Most women still do not come forward to report the incident, and those who do fear that they will be blamed or ridiculed. Often young men are released of charges as "boys will be boys." You say a man's life can be ruined, which is unfortunate when it is , but think of how many women are forever scarred. Yes, men do suffer rape and abuse and more needs to be done for these victims, but statistically men make up roughly 20% of the victims.

    When it comes to lesser criminal charges it is a fact that women often receive far more lenient charges and this I agree is truly unfair. Nevertheless, it is often due to the fact that "female offences tend to be less serious and women are less likely to have a criminal record. This suggests that there is no sympathetic bias for or against women." (Gender Bias and Punishment)

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