• Females are better teachers

    Women are better teachers because they have the ability to be more structure and organized with setting rules in a classroom. Men are energetic and have the ability to interact with children and keep them going but do not have the patience to be more structure with their planning. I have worked with both male and females and men tend to do things the easy way. They are not born to be organized and structured with rules and boundaries. They need to set limits with rules and be consistent with what they need to do.

  • Women are more patient

    Both men and women can be good teachers. Overall, women tend to be more patient than men and more able to deal with different types of students. In elementary education, women tend to be able to project energy combined with structure for their students which makes them effective when dealing with younger kids. For the most part, women are more empathetic and are better listeners which can make them better teachers.

  • They are less strict

    Male teachers often employ more brutal methods in their teaching. A good example is the make your mistakes and learn strategy which exposes the learner to untold hardship. On the other hand, women because of their love and care cannot afford to allow her students to maje silly mistakes that she can actually help them with.

  • Because they know exactly how to deal with a child

    Woman bear some pain and then see a child smile. I mean, woman have some love and affection towards a child as they themselves are mothers. They know how to deal with a child and what a child thinks of. They have more of patience, at an average also.
    A woman, with patience can tolerate more of naughtiness of a child. They can view a child, with care and affection. They know how to handle a child's emotions and thus I believe, women are better teachers than men.

  • Women Are Genetically Programmed To Be More Caring

    It's genetically installed in Man (also animals) to love & respect a women more than a man. From the time of birth, the mother feeds & comforts us her new embryo which the child grows up with a subconscious tenderness for the women specie. We love those who gratifies our instincts which is mainly the women. So a women teacher would be genetically better to teach!

  • Yes women make better teachers than men.

    A lot of the time, in many Western countries, there may appear to be more female teachers than male when it comes to teaching elementary school. Often this is because many women are viewed as having an innate maternal instinct. Not every woman is going to agree with this, but overall women will have a much different method to dealing with children than men will. A lot of kids might even consider their teacher to be something of a mother figure, and therefore this can be very important.

  • Nurture is feminine

    Nurture is a naturally feminine trait, and children will feel more comfortable with a female teacher, particularly in the earlier stages of education, than with a man. This comfortable, safe environment is naturally more conducive to learning than the alternative. Men can be good teachers too, but they will tend to be more authoritative and disciplinary, this is more suited to high school and higher education.

  • This is ridiculous

    How can simply being a certain gender affect how you teach? It's the individual. Just because you are a man, it doesn't mean that you are automatically not qualified as a teacher.I've had both male and female teachers and have seen little difference. Besides, we need male teachers out there to make sure that we know that both genders will be there in the workplace, and that both are competent workers, especially since we look up to teachers.

  • Men make better teachers

    It is my experience that male teachers are impartial when it comes to judge a pupil. Whereas I have see the grading given by Women teachers in many a case get influenced by their friendship or their liking of the mother of the child. In case a mother of any student is a good friend of the female teacher then her approach towards the kid will be special whereas such attitude could not be seen from a male teacher. It is also true that female teacher never goes beyond the text books to teach anything new whereas the male teacher bring new issues/concepts in to the minds of students.

  • No it does not matter

    I honestly think that it does not depend on what sex but on what different things are comfortable to you. You can have a female teacher that does not have any patience but is very nice or a male teacher with lots of patience but is not nice at all.

  • Gender SHOULDN'T matter.

    I happen to believe that it shouldn't matter whether a better teacher is either a man or a woman. I do admit then male teachers I have had generally seem more relaxed and jovial in the classroom than women. It may be that men are slightly more in touch with their immature side but don't take my word for that. Like-ability and the ability to teach effectively are two different things. In terms of being liked it can be said that I have liked my male teachers more. They are less stony and cold. They are able to maintain their professionalism without seeming rigid or disconnected. I am a woman and I am not saying all female teachers are rigid, cold etc. Men and woman are equally capable of being brilliant teachers and likable. However, I do think that women identify themselves as more likely to get hassle from their students due to their gender, and so they put up a front. Male teachers are generally themselves inside the classroom and out but with the added measure of responsibility in the classroom.
    So, again I say that it shouldn't matter. But the people that ask if it matters, or identify their teaching methods as being either male or female, are the ones that makes the gender difference matter.

  • No.

    They both teach the same material, why would one gender be better than the other at it? I have had great male and female teachers, as well as bad male and female teachers. It does not matter what the teacher's gender is, both genders can make excellent teachers. It just depends on the person.

  • Well that's kind of broad.......

    NO. I'm a middle school student and in my educational career I've had wonderful male and female teachers! My English teacher rocks, and he's a man, but my History teacher is also awesome, she a woman. It depends, but to say that one sex is better than another at teaching is stupid.

  • Male or female doesn't matter

    When it comes to teaching I do not believe it matters if the teacher is a man or woman, all that matters is if they are understanding and easy to work with. Some women are great at helping others and teaching new things as are some men. Some women however do not have the patience to work with someone and teach them new tasks. It's unfair to say in general that women are better teachers than men because it depends on each individual not the sex as a whole.

    Posted by: jus
  • No way!

    In todays age I feel that both men and women both make good teachers. Back when I was a student I had great teachers of both sexes. I also had not so good teachers of both sexes. Its what each teacher wants to make of themselves. I think they are both equal.

  • The record shows that education has suffered at the hands of a woman-dominated service.

    "For the past 40-odd years, the feminisation of state education has been a disaster. There are more than 4,250 schools in Britain where not a single male teacher can be found in the staff room. The Eric Suttons of this world are as extinct as the stegosaurus.

    Coupled with the trendy, ‘child-centred’ teaching methods indoctrinated by Marxist training colleges, this has been responsible for a collapse in discipline and an alarming increase in illiteracy.

    Generations of boys have been utterly betrayed by the system set up to educate them — many written off as suffering from a bewildering array of fashionable ‘hyperactivity disorders’ and pumped full of mind-bending drugs simply because young female teachers have no idea how to control or inspire them."


  • No, definitely not.

    They should be better teachers because they would bring new things into the learning atmosphere other than the textbook. For example, my male 7th grade History teacher showed us the movie of the Alamo and showed us where all of the mess-ups and mistakes Hollywood made. Since, I have never had a teacher do even remotely close to this, to put in this amount of caring into their curriculum ever. So, in conclusion, men ARE better teachers then women

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TheInterlang says2013-09-25T22:00:08.403
Depends. A high-school teacher should be a male, since males (generally) have more knowledge, but in the lower grades, they should be female.