• You cannot argue with facts.

    According to IQ expert James Flynn and researcher Israel Abramov of the City University of New York women now outscore men on intelligence tests. Women have a much more ability to see slight variations in color. Women have a superior sense of hearing and can distinguish between different scents far better. Psychology professor Diane Halpern established women are better at navigating any area using landmarks. Estrogen gives women a better natural defense system against bacteria and viruses, according to a study at McGill University. MythBusters proved women can handle more pain. A study at Aston University in England concluded women are better at remembering things. A Mayo Clinic study said women naturally have a better sense of memory. Researchers at the University of Western Ontario concluded women are far better at handling job stress. Female brains secrete more oxytocin and are calmer under fire. Multiple studies on multitasking have shown women are far superior. A study at the University of Sussex found that girls created much more highly sophisticated coding systems when designing 3D games. A Canadian study concluded female doctors are much more likely than male doctors to adhere to guidelines and prescribe the right drugs for any ailment. The International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics concluded that female-led companies are more successful. A Pew Research poll found the public agrees women are more fair, compassionate, and trustworthy leaders. Studies show that male drivers are 77% more likely to die in car accidents than females. A study of car accidents in New York City found over five years, a staggering 80% of crashes involved male drivers. Authorities in Peru and Russia have begun switching to female-dominated police forces because women’s superior psychological, communication, and negotiation skills are better in volatile situations. A joint study by Georgia and Columbia Universities found female students are better at acquiring and retaining knowledge. Department of Education stats show men are more likely to drop out of college. Barclays Wealth and Ledbury Research found female investors experience higher returns on investments as testosterone impels men to take unnecessary risks. Merrill Lynch said women also sell off bad investments more quickly. Women work harder than men, according to a new study by the Ponemon Institute. Researchers observed 274 subjects working at companies scattered around the U.S. in financial services, consumer products, education, health care, and energy. Approximately 53% of subjects were female and 47% were male. During a ten-minute experimental trial, female subjects worked 2.5 minutes compared to 2.1 minutes for male subjects without a privacy filter installed and 4.9 minutes versus 4.3 minutes for male subjects with a privacy filter installed. When given the opportunity to walk away during an experimental waiting period 38 percent of female workers walked away compared to 52% of male workers. Researchers also noticed men work less when women are around. Thanks, guys! No problem, we'll take care of that extra work for you while you continue making a dollar for every 70 cents we earn.

  • Yes, women do have it harder.

    Men don't have to worry about getting ready in the morning or worrying about when you're going to get your period. Women have children to take care of plus might also have jobs in order to afford food and shelter for their kids. Yes men also work but they obviously don't have to breast feed, take care of the kids when they're "gone", and they don't have to cook because according to the whole world women have to "clean" and "cook" every single day for their husbands knowing they also have extra side jobs. Yes women do have it harder than men.

  • Yes, Women Do Work Harder

    Women, due to societal and community-based factors work harder than men. This is due to the fact that many women have full-time or part-time employment outside of the home, and then they come home and do more of the house work than their male counterparts. Women often work all day and then have to do a "second shift" which involves raising the children, cooking meals, and doing most of the chores in the home.

  • Yes, many feel they have to prove themselves.

    Although I don't agree, there are more men in prestigious and influential positions than women. As a journalism student, I have studied women oppression in the world. This oppression has driven women to work harder- in many cases, not all- than men. The idea "work like a man" is insulting, and yet, is still told to girls and women everyday.

  • Women Work as Hard as Men

    Though women don't necessarily work harder than men, many times they are more dedicated to the performance of the position. Women tend to take more pride in the outcome of what they do. Most women will go out of their way to meet proffection where as men are not dedicated to that way of thinking.

  • They do the same thing

    People say if a woman looses there job they can just be a stay at home wife but what if they are a single mum and dont have enough money to look after their family and will have to live out on the streets with very little money to survive.

  • They do the same thing

    People say if a woman looses there job they can just be a stay at home wife but what if they are a single mum and dont have enough money to look after their family and will have to live out on the streets with very little money to survive.

  • Women do work hard than men

    Women can endure pain, support their children, take care of the house and herself, can work either part-time or full-time job, while men can make nearly half of that! Apparently, women raise their kids to be powerful just like them, while men would do that but not officially the kid will be 100 percent mature. Women can endure the pain of pregnancy, once and twice. But men can't even be pregnant.

  • Women deserve equality!

    Women work just as hard as men. Studies show that 5 out of 10 women have PHDs while 2 out of 10 men have PHDs. Even stay at home moms work there butts off. A man could never cook, take care, clean, and drive around the kids like a women can. BOOM! Drop the mic.

  • Women deserve equality!

    Women work just as hard as men. Studies show that 5 out of 10 women have PHDs while 2 out of 10 men have PHDs. Even stay at home moms work there butts off. A man could never cook, take care, clean, and drive around the kids like a women can. BOOM! Drop the mic.

  • Generally they don't (but that's only my opinion!)

    Women generally don't work as hard or as extensively. They probably could, but it seems they simply choose not to. But when all they really need to do is care for their children, who would? And yes, women are more aggressive. Even judging by the comments on this site one can tell. Most of the males will include "generally", "no offense", "this is only my thoughts". On the female side, they simply state "yeah we work harder. We are just so much better."

  • No, women overall are less dedicated to a job.

    Women overall aren't as focused or patient for a job in comparison to men. Whilst yes many women are passionate and dedicated the majority aren't. Men tend to be more career driven than women. They work full time and do longer hours than women. Whilst Women who have children and require months off work when they do. The cost of employing a woman of child bearing age is higher for an employer than it is to employ a man.

  • Both Men and Women can work the same amount

    Men and Women both have the ability to work equally. Sometimes men are lazier and sometimes women are lazier. There are also men and women that work extra and go above and beyond. It can depend on the person. Just because someone is a man or a women doesn't mean they cant work as hard.

  • No

    Then where are they at the oil rigs, the underground mines, the nuclear plants, the blast furnaces, the smelting chambers? Basically women avoid doing anything dangerous. Its not okay for men to do all the back breaking work now because women are "equal" right? Shouldnt there be more ladies drilling to the core of the earth extracting minerals that surface women would use for daily living? The world is messed up.

  • No, I think they both work equally

    The issue of hard work is not a gender issue, it's a personal issue. How hard I work has nothing to do with if I have an X or a Y chromosome. There are men who don't work very hard. There are women who don't work hard, either. There are both men and women that go above and beyond the call of duty. This is a non issue.

  • No they think they do.

    It's like old people think they work harder than young people when the actual productivity is lower. It's possible women put more effort in some areas but the work is less. Almost all the industries that require tough manual labour are men, agricultural are men. Even areas with like computing, sciences, astronauts, army, mathematics are still male dominated and the demand is much more on men.

    Women can work hard but they simply don't have the build for manual labor and their biology(maternity) makes it difficult to compete with men in terms of hours put in etc.

  • Men are more aggressive.

    Men tend to work harder because they raised to be a man. Women, no offense, tend to not work as hard as men. When a husband wants a house, he designs it. The wife just sits there and tells the husband want she wants. This is my reason for thinking men work harder than women.

  • Women want you to know how hard they work, men just work.

    There are outliers in every single situation. Some men are lazy good for nothings, some women are powerhouses of work ethic; but for the majority of both sexes, I have found that women are not willing to sacrifice and work like men do.

    I have worked in the public sector and in the private, and women are the ones eagerly taking lunch breaks, days off, and sick leave and men were the ones coming in early, staying after hours, and putting off lunch breaks to finish tasks.

    I was also struck by this yesterday as I was working with a crew of volunteer males and females installing some heavy equipment. I personally spent 10 hours and 30 minutes drilling, cutting, nailing, using a pick axe, and tightening bolts. The other men stood by, asked for tasks to help the project, and we were able to put aside "being right" for open discussions about the most efficient way to finish the job.

    The women that did show up, they cleaned up some counter tops for a few minutes. Stopped and ate pizza (when the males stopped to eat, the pizza was 5 hours old and cold, we only stopped because a drill bit broke and we needed to send a runner to the hardware store), the women dug through clothing bins and were asking about style for jackets. The women drank all the bottled water, and ALL of the women left hours before the men, because they were "tired". (they did no physical labor outside of light cleaning duties_.

    I cannot count the times I work through lunch or stay late working. I cannot find a single woman doing those same things.

  • They would rather give orders and take over the social aspect of work so they can get away with giving nothing and getting everything.

    From bagging groceries as an adolescent to securing computer networks, my experience has been that women prefer to manipulate, demand special treatment, and, hell, they can be extremely hostile and much more aggressive than the men.. Because they know you cant do anything about it.

    Perhaps their biggest advantage besides good 'press' is the value of the job. You lose your job you are screwed, she loses hers, she goes back home and is a stay at home wife.. This advantage is not something they let you forget.

  • Not a chance

    I have seen it far too many times in my employment and regular life. A lot of women act as if work is beneath them. Where I work the last three people to lose their jobs for non-attendance or just generally taking the p*ss were all women. They tend to think because they don't want to be there then it justifies them taking ridiculous amounts of sick leave or generally giving 10% effort. And on the subject of sick those with the worst record of sick leave are all women (and this is not just in my company, seriously Google "women take more sick than men"). All the part timers are women. Out of the last 10 people to be promoted in my office only 1 was a woman. This is not down to some "glass ceiling" as I actively encouraged my female friends to apply, I even offered to help with their application forms. You know how many took me up on the offer and put in an application? Zero! I have two friends whose wives/ girlfriends last year voluntarily gave up jobs to open their own "business" selling cupcakes for weddings. So did they rent catering property, set up a website, advertise on the radio, register their business or any of the things normally associated with a new business? Did they hell. Their "business plan" was to knock up some batches of cakes and attend the odd wedding fair. Since starting they have received no orders whatsoever. Clearly the business is a total failure yet they haven't returned to their old jobs or got new ones and still maintain they run a cake business whilst they seem to spend the bulk of their day sitting on their backsides. And while we're at it being a mother is NOT a job. Hard work sometimes yes but most days the hardest thing you'll do is put a Tom and Jerry DVD in the player. Women love to make themselves out to be hard done by, martyrs toiling tirelessly whilst dumb men get into all sorts of scrapes but it's just not true. Although women do work very hard at one thing - self promotion!

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