Do you agree/disagree that police brutality is an issue in the US?

Asked by: candicek
  • It is Complex

    Although Police Brutaliaty has been witnessed on multiple occasions, it really isn't on a large scale. The police officers who behave in this manner are who I believe to be the minority. This being said, police brutality on any scale is unacceptable and must be dealt with. As Machiavelli tells us, illnesses must be remedied before they become an epidemic and not after (paraphrased).

    Posted by: Asan
  • Police brutality is not an issue in the USA

    Yes, police brutality exists but it's not an issue in the USA. The police are most likely violent when a person commits a crime. When a minority gets shot, people will come to the conclusion that it was based on racism. Remember, minorities are not always innocent. They commit crimes too. The media should stop assuming.

  • Nope not an issue

    The news media and groups like Black lives matter would want you to believe that there is a wide spread racism in America. This is far from the truth. It would be naive to believe that it does not happen, however it is not widespread. Police rarely shoot anyone that doesn't deserve it. Here is what I have to say to anyone who does not want to be confronted by the police. Stop committing crimes.

  • Not an issue.

    Usually those that claim to have seen police brutality only see the police action and not the reason for the action. Think about it. Every action has motive. A reason why it happened. What would the officers motive be to be brutal? I would guess, some may say racism. Thing is, if the officer is brutal because of racism, why did they brutalize the one person instead of everyone of that race? The media tend to make claims of racism being the cause of shooting. Thing is, the officer probably goes past people of that race hundreds of time each day and hasn't shot any of them. This must mean that there was a different motive to shoot that specific person. Sure, they passed hundreds each day but that one may be a suspect in an armed robbery. That would mean they shot someone who was a suspect in a robbery and not out of racism.

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