Do you agree on methods of weaponized disease for future population control? (If it is a huge issue and can no longer be prevented.)

Asked by: Taohz
  • Sadly I have to say Yes.

    In spite of the fact that me and my family would be vulnerable to these illnesses, it is a session of numbers. It will be the whole world or a couple million, fortunately despite everything we have sufficient time to play safe yet in this situation I question the government would concede their corruption however I consider this to be a major probability soon.

  • Supply and demand regulates population.

    Redistribution of wealth messes with that system, especially when it's mandatory. IE, stop stealing from people only to give to other people and maybe they'll stop having kids they can't afford to support unless they steal even more from other people. This would have a wonderful bonus effect of lowering prices (less demand).

  • No, absolutely not

    First of all that will contradict the amazing things we have accomplished in the medical field. We developed medicines for a reason; if western killing people by weaponized disease it will undo what we did for ourselves in the first place. Secondly, weaponized disease is uncontrollable! There is no way to tell who is going to live or die, so it may make more problems then we had begun with. The main reason for population control is the lack of food and space. However, researchers are forgetting one big thing: the waters! 71 percent of Earth's surface is covered in water. That's a lot of space and food.

  • No, it's unnecessary

    Numerous studies have shown that our planet has a capacity for 10 billion-11 billion people, maybe even more. The argument is not population control, but population organisation.

    Unless we solve the world poverty problem soon (and it is solvable), then the population crisis will get worse. The issue with our society is not population, but the global warming caused by our current system along with poverty, and war

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