Do you agree that a man gets success in life much more easily than a woman?

Asked by: kunpositive
  • On the whole, yes.

    Women, as a gender, are more succeptible toward spotlight anxiety (impacting performance on tests, thus acceptance to colleges and certain professions), gender roles/norms (expectations from parents/family and society has an impact on a person's expectations for themselves), single-parenting, sexual assault, rape, less pay on the job, abusive relationships, sexist discrimination in the workplace and everywhere else, body-image issues (impacting mental health and leading to disorders like anorexia), and more. Women begin with a disadvantage, many more than others. This can be seen as, for example, a woman of color is more likely to face these issues than a white woman because of intersectionality. Likewise, this applies to intersectionality of gender with sexuality, class, sex at birth, country of birth, etc. Issues such as women's health taking a backseat can also change how well women can do within society. For example, when a specific (cough, cough) health service provides viagra but not feminine products, there is obviously sexism there which then leads to many problems along the way. Something that is not necessary is provided to men, but something that is necessary is not provided for women. That's means something when a woman is in need of that particular product and has to spend precious money (that she has little of) to go buy a feminine product.

    But these differences can be seen in poverty rates-the ultimate demonstration of lack of success. Sure, very few women become millionaires and such, but poverty rates are much more important because they track big trends. Very few people are at the 1%, so that information is not always reliable. But the thing is, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, there are more women in poverty than men in every state in America except 3. In those 3 states, men and women had the same rate of poverty. The disadvantages women face exhibit themselves with these trends (check here:

    Now, on an individual basis, there will always be a given woman who is doing better than a given man. That's true.

  • Nope not at all

    I think men and woman are just as successful as each other really depends what you mean if you talking about jobs then no the person who is suited best for a higher position gets the job regardless of gender unless its a gender specific roll and these do exist and that does not make it sexiest it just means in some rolls men do things better while other rolls woman do things better, like social rolls woman tend and rember I said tend to be better at social rolls then men that's a debate for another time but lets get back on track men are better at warehouse jobs and heavy lifting because of they physics. Anyways back to the question do you agree that a man gets more success in life much more easily than woman I say no because when things go wrong for the male ( man) he is in deep shit but a woman can resort to her body in dyer need situations like selling's nudes or becoming a cam model to earn extra cash they also have more support by the government for housing and such and such its much harder for men.

  • No, Women have it harder, I am a man so I know.

    If you are talking about Women in America then the odds are evenly based. But, Women all around the World do not have the same rights men have. In Iraq it was illegal for Women to learn, in Pakistan it is practically legal for them to be raped killed and taken as sex slaves.In Somalia there was a Civil War put on Women cutting off their Genitals using them as sex slaves. And in India, which is not as popularly discussed constant Human Trafficking is happening . So overall Women have it much harder than Men in life and in general in this world we live in today.

  • No I don't believe men get it easier than women

    Both sexes have to work equally as hard to make a living and support themselves/a family. While men might make more money (this is debatable), they work much more demanding jobs, many of which aren't easy. You can easily compare men and women and find that most of life is similar for both. Both sexes need to work very hard

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Gareth_BM says2016-07-12T17:22:55.137
Depends what part of the world you are in.