Do you agree that TED's $6000 price tag limits it to the wealthiest in society?

  • Yes, TED's $6,000 price tag limits it to the wealthiest in society

    I believe that TED is a wonderful organization that helps society progress by the sharing of ideas. However, charging 6,000 dollars for admission is insane. By charging such a high fee they are limiting just how many people that the information gets to. I do understand that they put the videos online but I think that both TED and people would benefit from cheaper tickets.

  • Families Can't Afford

    There is no way that families that can barely stay a float with their daily household expenses can pay for a six-thousand dollar ticket to have their ideas expressed or heard. Most people in the United States are making 46,326 dollars a year. If you break this amount down to monthly figures, it is three thousand eight-hundred and sixty dollars a month. No person that has a family to think about is going to spend almost two months of their salaries to be heard. They should let the people be heard for free!

  • Yes, it does.

    I enjoy watching TED talks and I believe that they contain a lot of valuable information, but I have to admit that actually going to a TED talk in person is definitely only a rich person could afford to do. I think that it also pushes away minorities from speaking at TED.

  • I do not.

    I do not agree that TED's $6000 price tag limits it to the wealthiest in society. While $6000 is a large some of money, it in reality is not all that much for something. There are plenty of other things that cost that much and people are not worrying about it.

  • You can save

    No, having a price tag of $6000 does not make this only for the wealthiest in society. I come from a poor family, but we could save up $6000 if we wanted this bad enough, by not buying other stuff. It may just take some longer to get the money.

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