Do you agree that well done is better than well said?

  • Yes, very true.

    This is so important in life and shows character, specially in relationships. I've heard of and dealt with guys who say they want a relationship with a girl, yet do nothing to make it happen. If you say something, do something to show it. It's so attractive if you're a man of your word!

  • Yes I Agree

    Well done is better than than well said is beings proved by many people and it was also been proved, like Mother Teresa and Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and also many more..........
    People who have ability to do a thing then the are not needed to prove it by telling it to anyone, their works automatically tell it to whole world

  • Saying isn't doing

    I happen to live with a person who is really good at saying but never doing. Well done is always better than well said. Of course, well said and well done is the best.

    I personally find sayers who are not doers to be frustrating to be around. They have great ideas that ultimately don't amount to anything. As my instructor said, and idea is nothing until it's written down.

  • well done is better than being well said

    Anyone can say anything at any time. We have no way to determine if what someone says is true. If someone can actually do something and show that they are capable of completing a task or what have you than we can see with our own eyes if it is well done, and not just spoken, possibly never to happen.

  • Yes, well done carries more weight than well said.

    Yes, well done is better than well said. Anyone can talk a good game. There are people who are experts at everything. They can tell you how to fix something. They can tell you what they would do if they were in your shoes. It is better to be known for having done a job well than to be known for speaking well but never accomplishing anything.

  • Actions speak louder

    Yes, i think that it is better than to do something, and do a good job at it, that to say something well. I think that when you do something, you have a product that you can keep to show people, and just saying something can be forgotten very quick.

  • Yes it's true

    Without a doubt. Doing something is harder than saying it. Therefore, well-done beats well-said.

    And why the heck does DDO insist I must insert a certain no. Of words before my opinion is posted. It's silly, stupid, nonsensical, inane, peurile and hell knows how many more words I would write.

  • Yes, of course.

    I know it's cliched, but actions really do speak louder than words. Just take yourself for example. How many times have you said you were going to do something, then wound up not doing it. But, when you actually do follow through and do it, you feel proud of yourself. Well done is much better.

  • No not true

    Words speak louder than actions just because you do something it does not mean you said it. Well said is better than well done. I find people who do more than they say very frustrating to talk with because all they do is not talk. I do not agree with this

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