• It's time to let the plastic go

    Until recently we had no idea that plastic bottles had bpa a carcinogen that more than likely killed numerous people. It is time to get rid of plastics products that are now recognized as toxic. They are also hazardous in our landfills. Plastics also take decades to break down, which is why there is such a massive effort to recycle. What are we recycling though? Is it the bpa free plastics or the more toxic variety. We definitely need to find better alternatives.

  • Less plastic is always better

    There are many alternatives to using a plastic water bottle. There are stainless steel bottles, glass bottles, and I'm sure many other kinds of bottles can be developed, to avoid using the plastic bottles. I know they are probably cheaper to make, but we have to look at what those plastic bottles do to the environment.

  • Plastic Water Bottles are Bad

    Banning plastic water bottles would be extremely helpful to the environment. Water bottles are a huge waste of money and cannot break down. Water bottles are unnecessary. There should be more access to clean drinking water so plastic bottles need not be used. They hurt the environment more than they are convenient.

  • Montreal should not press ahead with plastic water bottle ban

    The government of Montreal should not move ahead with its plan to ban plastic water bottles. Although there are environmental issues, the waste can be vastly reduced through mandatory recycling. There are also practical considerations in enforcing the policy. The resources could be better spent in a myriad of other ways.

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