Do you agree with Trump's call to boycott Starbucks for its red holiday cups?

  • I fully agree with it

    In fact, I'm participating in the boycott. Starbuck's attack on Christmas is absurd and they deserve to be boycotted. Starbucks has a LONG history of anti-Christian attitudes. I've boycotted them many of times. I'm glad we have someone like Donald Trump who stands up for our freedom and I like the fact that he's suggesting a boycott of Starbucks.

  • The Choice Between Religion, or a Beverage.

    I am a Christian, I I notice that some of the people in this argument are as well.
    I've never really supported some of Trump's idea's, and I wasn't aware of Starbucks red cups up until now. I go to Starbucks when I can, and I enjoy it beverages as well, but whether the changing of 'Merry Christmas' to 'Happy Holidays' was an attack upon the Christian faith or not, it should be different just to hide the true reason why Christmas exist.
    Our faith is just becoming more and more attacked. Starbucks isn't the only company that changes mainstream slogans just because of it Christian ties, and frankly, I think its time we stopped just standing back and letting this happen, even if Trump is leading the boycott.
    Remember the reason for the season!

  • Yes Yes Yes

    The color red is a symbol for communism, or native Americans, this is the united states of america not the soviet states of commie-land, the only problem I have with this, isn't about why he is boycotting them, it is why he is not boycotting them, Starbucks supports gay marriage!

  • Starbucks more like communism

    We all know red is the color of dem damn commies. Starbucks is working with the mordern day Soviet Union who we all know the leader is Vladimir Putin. We have to stop Starbucks reign of terror for the sake of all mankind. Do you want your kids to grow up a commie or a capitalist you choose.

  • There are plenty of other design options that are neutral.

    Can't Starbucks just use something general like "Happy Holidays" or something that only has to do with the season and not the holidays, like snowflakes? Snowflakes would look pretty neat on a red cup or even a blue cup, and they cannot offend anyone unless someone gets offended by winter itself.

  • It helps us spot the idiots

    Anyone seriously protesting starbucks's cup designs not being Christmasy enough, IN NOVEMBER, are clearly their local village idiots. Trump calling for a boycott of Starbucks allow us to identify who those village idiots are, such as the two other people in this opinion who have voted yes, so that we may ridicule them for their stupidity later.

  • Because YOLO thats why

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  • Of course we should!

    Starbucks is on a rampage and trying to change Christmas is part of the plot. Just because Wonder Woman is scared to offend others, does not mean that the rest of us have to bow and scrape to a facist government who do not care to protect the one undeniable Truth that can be trusted in this life. That is a fact.

  • . . .

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  • Backwards mentality much?

    The republican party was founded on the ideals of tradition, heritage and laissez-faire freedom. If Republicans are trying to pull the plug on secularism in the United States they are doing anything but guaranteeing the Constitutional Rights of all U.S citizens.

    Mr. Trump seems offended by the redness of the cups because they're apparently slapping Christmas in the face and taking a stance against Christians - but yet Trump and his supporters don't complain when Muslims, for instance, are treated like absolute crap for their religious beliefs, and have almost no representation in office. In fact, Muslims are among one of the groups in America that are least likely to get voted into public office. Meanwhile the majority of America's government - congress and all - is comprised of white christian men. CHRISTIAN men who give CHRISTIAN people representation by passing legislation that imposes CHRISTIAN values on non-CHRISTIAN people.

    Trump also seems to completely omit the fact that there is LITERALLY A PAGAN GODDESS in the freaking Starbucks logo itself! If he's not offended by the "forced social implications" of a PAGAN GODDESS (a literal deity of a foreign religion) being on a cup and is instead offended by the lack of the words "Merry Christmas" or any implications of Christian folklore (yes I'm calling it folklore - it belongs to literal fairy tales), then he really needs to get his priorities in order.

    America is a secular nation, Christian Republicans - and Christians in general - don't get to whine about how hard they have it when Muslims have a hard time getting on a freaking airplane.

  • This isn't important

    Starbucks probably doesn't put "Merry Christmas" on their cups for the same reason that many stores don't. They don't want to offend anyone. The fact that people are getting so worked up about cups while, over in the Middle East, radical Islamic groups are running around and Russia is facing no opposition, is childish and unimportant.

  • It not smart

    Why would Christians complain because of how a cofee cup looks like. Its just a cup, it is not like it matters in life. You drink it and then throw it away when you are done. It sad that Christians agree with Donald Trump! The cup doesnt matter. Only the content inside it does,

    Posted by: TBT
  • We will over comb this

    Because fuck you and everyone near you how is this a thing and why. All you people should think about why your voting for him he could start world war 3.Get a hold of yourself you people must be stoned or something to be actually thinking of going with this or voting for him

  • Why is this even a thing?

    Religious peoples probably pay no mind to Starbucks red cups for the holidays. What's the big deal anyways? Are they telling you to worship the devil or something? Either way, this argument is invalid and you ignorant Christians that say its bad, need to stop being stuck up. I know Christians who pay it no mind. I think you should too.

  • It never said Merry Christmas on it in the first place.

    Starbucks has never had Merry Christmas on it so why should they start now. So religions do not believe in Jesus and Starbucks is not a Christen component. That makes it so that they don't have to put Christen word and Christian symbolism on their cups. So they don't need to because the are not Christen

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  • Trump is a dumbass and should die

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  • Trump is a dumbass and should die

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boognish says2015-11-12T18:13:44.703
People are actually pissed off that Starbucks decided not to print snowflakes and snowmen on their cups this year? I guess Americans really love them some snow.