Do you believe all humans do things simply to benefit themselves?

  • People are evil

    People in this world are so blind we get annoyed when we dont have phone service when other people in the world are getting angry about not haveing water to drink or food to eat no wonder why isis is killing people mabe if we went over there and helped them insted of bombing them they might grow respect for us dont be greedy give to the needy

  • Process of evolution

    Nature knows only one thing, and that is to protect ones self at all costs. And to do this, every living thing will do what is necessary to carry on its
    own existence. This is the way nature works, for without it, individual species would not exist in this world.

  • Humans are inherently selfish.

    Humans will strive to protect their in-group members first as the first priority. Having a sense of security in a community will enable them to survive in the world. Therefore, what they do benefit themselves because they do it to protect themselves and only secondarily to protect others who are interdependent with them.

  • Yes, all humans are motivated by self interest.

    I think humans do things for or help others because of personal benefits that they can get by doing such things. It can be directly or indirectly. If we do something for someone it makes us happy, it gives us pleasure or maybe if we do it it's to avoid pain, nevertheless, we do it to benefit ourselves.

  • Yes, I believe humans do things to benefit themselves.

    I think no matter what action it is every human will do something to benefit themselves either slightly or outright, I think it's a psychological tick inside each human to desire this and they may not even be aware of it until they looked back at it and thought about it.

  • Yes, we are very greedy

    I think we all do things only to benefit ourselves. I know I have. The people that don't do these kinds of actions, get deemed saint hood. I think if everyone was like this, we would have a lot of saints. The human race is a fickle one, we are greedy,needy and shallow.

  • Yes, all humans do things to benefit themselves.

    I definitely think that humans simply do things to benefit themselves. Even when human beings are trying to be charitable or generous, there is always a selfish reasoning for it. Whether it is for money or emotional reasons, a person can subconsciously be selfish without even realizing that they are.

  • Humans are very diverse, we do not all think or act alike...Thank goodness!

    Research has indicated that, yes, the majority of people do think only of themselves, their families and whatever circles they belong to such as a church, occupational organization or political party. But about 40% of the population have far fewer biases as to whom they will help. Many also see the value and benefit of working towards goals as a much larger population and how fewer suffer if more are willing to give.

  • Luna's Maxim states:

    People do not do things to benefit themselves, people do things to benefit people like themselves. Thus a government of firemen would benefit firemen and not each of the members individually. Within a family, parents care for their children and do not neglect them because their children are like them, that is they share the same genes.

  • Not all things. Some things yes. Which is good

    If someone takes care of you or gives money to a homeless person, they don't do it to benefit themselves. They are trying to help the people in need. People do some things to benefit themselves. For example, a student can study harder to get better grades, which will get her a better education. Which will benefit her education and financial stability, because if she has a good job she can pay the bills for her family. That's clearly not a bad thing. Everyone wants to benefit themselves. A bad benefit is someone cheating other people out of their bank accounts so they can get rich. That is benefitting ur self but in a bad way. People just may benefit themselves in different ways.

  • Not at all

    I would say that a great majority of the things that we do benefits us greatly, whether benefits our life goal or financially. However, sometimes people do things simply to try to make the world a better place and to help out others. People who do charity work are a great example of this.

  • No, I do not.

    I do think that human beings can be very selfish, and this comes from our evolutionary past and the drive for survival and competition. But, people can also be very selfless. Even small things like holding a door open for someone. That benefits the person in no way at all, whatsoever.

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