• Black Conservative Atheist

    I'm a conservative atheist, so i know well enough that conservatives can be atheist.
    The religious don't have a monopoly on being conservative, conservative atheist are more likely to be conservative out of personal conviction and reasoning.

    Hell the republican party wasn't always the party of the religious.
    That changed after the 60's

    I honestly personally believe that a lot of the FUNDAMENTAL religious republicans are ideological descendants of those democrats who shifted to the republican party.

  • Yes, they can.

    I don't see why lacking the faith in a god would nullify them from being a conservative, and I don't see why having the faith in a god would nullify them from being a liberal.

    However, atheists tend to be more liberal while religious people tend to be more conservative.

  • Technically.... Yes they can.

    I'm not a fan of conservatives or liberals, but I grew up religious. This made me conservative for a long time. I slowly escaped from it and now happily sit in the middle and only use facts to fuel my decisions as both conservatives and liberals have agendas and are willing to lie to pass those agendas. I don't think any atheist should be conservative because one day you're going to find out how much they are "anti-you" but liberals aren't much better so stay away from them as well.

  • Any person can

    Yes, conservatives can be atheist, and I think that anyone from any place can be an atheist if they want, it is all up to them and is up to what they believe in and think is right. There is not a large number of conservatives that are atheists though.

  • Yes, conservatives can be atheists

    Yes, conservatives can be atheists. Political conservatives could believe in a weak central government and minimal taxation, regardless of their religion beliefs (if any). And I'm sure that many self-styled conservatives don't truly believe in the religion they espouse, no matter how much they thump their Bibles. Congress recently voted to slash the budget for food stamps -- would Jesus approve? I would say they might as well be atheists, except that the atheists I know would never be so lacking in compassion.

  • Of course they can.

    I am an active atheist--well, used to be--and have met several conservative atheists along the way. One of the most prominent atheists in modern times, Christopher Hitchens, had a few conservative ideals. On twitter, I have met at least a dozen of them. They are out there, though they are kind of rare.

  • Atheism and Conservatism can co-exist.

    Conservatives can be Atheists. This is because they can base their politics solely on economic and social policy based on their own preferences. They might also have grown up having adopted some of the morals of Christianity but decided they don't believe in God. They can still believe in charity and goodness similar to being Christian but still be atheists.

  • They Could Be

    I believe it is possible for an Atheist to be a conservative. There are no hard in fast rules that explain why people have their beliefs so there's no reason to believe a conservative could deny religion based on its lack of evidence. Conservatism isn't solely concerned with religion, it can encompass many topics.

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