Do you believe elections bring change (yes) or do not bring change (no)?

  • Yes, elections create change.

    Yes, elections bring change because they alter morale. If someone wants to start a small business but the current leader does not allocate funds and tax breaks for small businesses, the person is deterred. But if there is a good chance that the leader will be replaced with someone who promises those loans and tax breaks, the entrepreneur will be more willing to open the business. And that business might just be one that changes the face of technology or energy or education.

  • Yes,I believe elections bring change.

    However small,I believe elections bring change.We just can not live in a democratic society where we don't think our opinion makes a difference.Elections can may a change if you let them.You just have to make sure you choose candidates that are reform minded and not after their own good and don't respond to the voters.

  • A lot of change

    Yes, I do think that elections bring a lot of change. When someone new is elected, they bring in new ideas and programs, and can completely change the way that things are run. Obama for example, make health care required for everyone, a pretty big change if you ask me.

  • Elections Bring Little Change

    No, elections in the United States do not bring change. As both major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats alike, are full of the rich, they ultimately only look out for the interests of the rich. The middle, working, and lower classes do not have individuals that represent them at all.

  • No Change Here

    I do not believe elections bring change, it simply brings more of the same with a different head of state. I believe the American political system is bogged down and mainly controlled by politicians that are bought by corporations. Elections could bring change, but at this point and time, they do not.

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