Do you believe government laws should override religious beliefs (yes) or religious beliefs should override government laws (no)?

  • Think of the children

    For every adult that is allowed to get away with manslaughter of their defenseless children because they tried to "pray" away the pneumonia, or for every human being on this planet who isn't given fair and equal treatment or just murdered because they don't follow a specific set of Christianity or Islam or they were born a certain way, I get a little more sickened with religion.

  • Government laws is something we can all subscribe to

    People from all over the world, and all over this country have different religions, and are from different sects and groups in those different religions. It'd be absurd to impose the beliefs of a Christian onto a Muslim and vice versa. However with government laws, if you plan to be a member of a certain nation state, it is only fitting that you abide by the laws of the land. This creates a closer idea of a level playing field rather than infringing on people's religious freedom and rights.

  • Too many times religion gets in the way of laws for equality and laws that should be common sense.

    I respect that people have their religious beliefs, but that should not override the law. The only reason why gay marriage is still not legal nationwide is because of religion. Religion already dictates many laws if people want to admit it or not. Also the parents who pray for their child when their child is sick instead of getting medical attention are murders. But their freedom of religion lets it happen.

  • No, we have freedom of religion

    As long as the religious beliefs are not harmful to others, they should not be subject to being overridden by government laws. The fact that the government tries to force the Catholic church to provide contraception goes against their First Amendment right. The government does not have a place in telling us our beliefs are inadequate.

  • Religious liberty is a necessary component of social justice

    To argue that government should override the religious beliefs of individual citizens, as an American citizen myself, would paint a rather hypocritical image of me. One of the founding beliefs of this nation was the right to the free expression of religion, and I hold quite ardently to that belief. One's religious practice should, within reason, be a personal, not a governmental, matter.

  • We live for God.

    Religious beliefs should override government laws, because God commands us to follow his laws. God is not clear on the issue, because Jesus said, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and give to God what is God's." But when the two are in conflict, God wants us to honor and worship Him, even if it violates the government's law.

  • Religious beliefs can only be forgotten. Laws change.

    Applying that all religion kills people is not right. Religious belief should override the law due to the fact that all people aren't the same. Beliefs and traditions are who you are, your backround, and where you come from. The law should not be able to tell you anything you can't be.

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