Do you believe governments should implement a fat tax on fast food?

  • Yes they should, but it will never happen.

    Yes tax the unhealthy food because these are the foods that the Government will put all of their little hidden fructose, sucralose, etc into these and they put artificial food coloring into them. The government tests things out on the people that consume this food. But we all know this will never happen because of the fact that our Government is too busy poisoning us with GMO foods and hamburger patties being made in a petri dish also.

  • It's our choice to choose.

    Everyone has the freedom of eating. They have the right to eat what they want. Implementing a fat tax would just mean that the citizens will riot. They want to eat what they want with a cheap price. The government has no right to infringe on someone's rights by imposing a fat tax. Therefore, the government should not implement a fat tax.

  • No, a fast food fat tax is not necessary

    Using a fast food fat tax is not going to solve the problems of obesity or nutrition for anyone. All world cultures have different structures for their diets and what is considered healthy food or eating habits. Therefore, a fast food tax would only be as relevant as the culture it is being utilized within.

  • No, people should not be penalized for what they choose to eat.

    No, the government should not tax fast food, as what person chooses to eat is a personal decision. People should have the right to choose what is best for them and their health without pressure from the government. It is not the government's place to penalize someone for making an unhealthy decision, especially because infrequent consumption of fast food is not detrimental to anyone's health. A fat tax would not be able to differentiate between habitual fast food eaters and people who stop for a burger once a month.

  • No, I don't think the Government should implement a fat tax on fast food.

    While I think that fast food is very unhealthy and likely costs our health system billions in health problems I think a better solution would be for the Government to run a public education campaign to educate people of how bad fast food is for a person but I feel that they should still be allowed to purchase it anyway if they chose to do so, I don't think a fat tax would do much besides anger people.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I believe the American public is taxed to death, so adding unnecessary taxes seems wrong to me. I do not think we should turn to a system where we tax items based solely on the fact that some people do not like the product being offered. A fat tax should not exist.

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