Do you believe Hillary Clinton lied under oath when she said she did not send or receive classified information via email?

  • Liar Liar Pants on Fire

    Given her history of lying about Whitewater, Papergate and now this no one can expect her to ever tell the truth when she clearly has enough cronyism in Washington D.C. to cover up any and all indiscretions. The popular media doesn't do it's job. The laws are not enforced upon the rich and powerful this country and everyone has a price. Clinton is no exception to the snowball job going on. The FBI report giver may well be the current fall guy and will be handsomely rewarded privately by the Clintons.

  • Yes, I believe Hillary Clinton lied under oath

    Although a full investigation has not taken place and it can't be proven, I do believe Hillary Clinton lied about sending and receiving classified information through her personal e-mail. I don't think there is any way to prove that she did or convict her of perjury, but based on her attitude about the situation and other actions from her and her husband, I think she probably did lie. In my opinion, she is an untrustworthy person and pushes to get what she wants in any way that she can get it.

  • No, Hilary Clinton did not lie under oath when she said she did not sent or recieve classified information via email

    Hilary Clinton was obviously telling the truth when she claimed under oath that she had neither sent nor received classified information via email. The accusations are manufactured by Republicans and others who do not want to see Clinton attain the presidency. Since they have nothing else to go on, they will continue to promote conspiracy theories.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton was lying.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton was not telling the truth while under oath. She was not being honest when discussing her emailing classified information, mostly because I believe she was afraid of what might happen. Hillary Clinton should have been more honest and careful when dealing with the emails, however, the media has spun her story way out of proportion.

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