Do you believe humans are inherently good (yes) or bad (no)?

  • If we were inherently bad we would be dead by now.

    Trust but verify. We may not be inherently bad but we are inherently imperfect. Some live to exploit our weaknesses. That is bad. It is also rational. What it is not is innate. We are not innately rational. We are not innately bad. Rationality can be a good thing but we need to make it deliberately good.

  • A natural goodness

    Yes I believe that humans are inherently good. The world is made up of all kinds of people but generally the people you come across are good people with good intentions. I believe the majority of us come into this world without the thought of intentionally hurting someone else or being a menace. There are those who are born with traits that would on paper suggest that person is a bad person, however most people learn through experiences how to be bad and take advantage of people. If we weren't genuinely good on the inside from the start, I don't think our civilization would have made it this far.

  • There's Good In Everyone

    I like to keep telling myself that the majority of humans are inherently good, but I always have to remind myself that there is bad in everyone. No one in this world is perfect and some people have more bad than others. Unfortunately, it is common to assume that people will do things to serve the self rather than the group and this is more often true rather than false. That's not to say that people aren't inherently good however. I believe when you see times of crisis the good is more likely to surface.

  • Want to help

    Yes, I think that I would call humans naturally good in nature, and only a few that are born more aggressive than others. Humans will generally rise to try to help others that are in trouble, and this shows that they are good. I think deep down we are all good.

  • Humans were born bad, unfortunately.

    Humans were born to satisfy themselves. If you gave one toy to two toddlers, chances are that the stronger one would get the toy, leaving the weaker one with nothing and crying. There is almost no chance of them sharing the toy unless the parents drilled the act of sharing into their minds, and this would be learned and not inherently.

  • Humans have a mix of good and bad.

    Humans are not inherently good. If they were, then there would be no crime or ethical dilemmas. There would be no need for things such as the Ten Commandments. People have a balance of good and bad in them at all times. Unfortunately bad often wins over the better half of us.

  • Humans aren't inherently good.

    Humans aren't inherently good. They aren't inherently bad either, but I think there is more bad than good when you look at us overall. Look how we live and treat each other. Look at how we treat the planet. Look at how we treat the animals. Look at all the wars we've waged.

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